CBC Documentary: Embracing Bob’s Killer

What is forgiveness? How far would you go to forgive someone? Could you forgive someone who killed a person very near and dear to you — a member of your family?

Don’t miss this unusual psychological portrait, premiering on CBC Newsworld documentary on Thursday, February 22, at 8 pm ET


(Thursday February 22 at 8pm on CBC-TV)


If someone killed a member of your family, would you be able to forgive the killer? Embracing Bob’s Killer is the story of Katy Hutchison, a vivacious 45-year-old widow with two children, and Ryan Aldridge, the young man who killed Katy’s husband, Bob. Bob was trying to break up a drunken house party near his home in Squamish, B.C. on New Years Eve 1997, when Ryan kicked him four times in the head, severing a major artery and killing Bob almost instantly. The documentary follows Katy and Ryan, as she seeks to forgive her husband’s killer and bring him
into her life. It’s a complex psychological portrait of two people whose lives came together through tragic circumstance. How can Katy forgive, and why? Can Ryan forgive himself, and should he? What does the range of reactions to their story, from adulation to anger, say about the choices we make when faced with loss and tragedy?

Watch an excerpt online.



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