CBC Documentary: ‘The Lies that Led to War’, March 7th!

March 5, 2007



(Wednesday March 7 at 9pm on CBC-TV)


Since the US-led invasion four years ago, the fifth estate has covered Iraq and the war on terror from virtually every angle–the military, media, intellligence, politics–revealing aspects of the story that you didn’t find anywhere else. Now, as the White House warns about the latest threat in the region, this time from Iran, we go back to examine the deception, suspect intelligence, even lies that convinced the world of the rightness of targeting Saddam Hussein.



Media Release: Mohawk grandmother remains in hiding, defying arrest warrant

March 5, 2007


To all News Editors For immediate release — Mohawk grandmother remains in hiding, defying arrest warrant — “Katenies” challenges US-Canada border jurisdiction Akwesasne/Kahnawake, Mohawk Territory; March 5, 2007 —

A Mohawk woman from the Akwesasne Community remains in hiding, defying an arrest warrant from the Superior Court of Ontario in Cornwall. “Katenies” (whose Mohawk name means “she changes things around”) refused to appear in court on customs and border violations this past January 18, 2007. Instead, she served her own “Motion to Dismiss,” questioning the jurisdiction of the courts and border officials over sovereign Mohawk peoples and their land.

Katenies is a mother and grandmother — her third grandchild was born just 5 days ago on February 28 — and a researcher with Mohawk Nation News. She and her family — including her daughter and grandchildren — have been harassed by border officials, in various incidents that date back to 2003. To visit her daughter, Katenies needs to make a simple 2-minute drive, but that drive takes her through two provinces, one state, and two countries. If captured by the police, Katenies faces possible pre-trial detention until her court date in August 2007. Katenies vows to continue to defy the courts until the jurisdiction question is answered; in her words: “It’s the Crown, the courts and the police that are the frauds, and it’s they who are in violation of the law.” Katenies remains out of sight, somewhere on Turtle Island.

MEDIA CONTACT: Kahentinetha of Mohawk Nation News (MNN) at

450-635-9345 or kahentinetha2@yahoo.com

For background information to Katenies’ case, including her Motion to Dismiss and a 28-minute audio interview, please consult:


Storming Capitol Hill. . .by Phone (pass it on!)

March 5, 2007


PDA and its allies are co-ordinating a unified phone campaign to get Congress to reject additional Iraq war funding – the Bush supplemental appropriations request for $93 billion more. With the Democratic leadership signaling weakness and half-hearted amendments aimed at undermining the surge but not the war, our coalition is /phoning/ in a loud and clear message:


.. .AND OUT OF IRAQ’S CIVIL WAR. *PDA’s big day is Tuesday, March 6.

Mobilize all PDA members and supporters to phone Congress on Tuesday.

Our special number into Congress is 1-888-851-1879.*

When you call your Senate and Congressional offices, /politely/ tell them one or two of the following points:

Most Iraqis – both Sunni /and/ Shia — want US troops out of their country and most believe attacks on our troops are justified. US military force is no solution in Iraq – especially given the tainted rationales for invading Iraq, cultural gaps, Abu Ghraib, etc.

Diplomacy, not war, is the solution.

The American people at the polls in November and in opinion polls have expressed their view that the US needs to get out. Four years is enough! With its Constitutionally-granted “power of the purse,” Congress has the duty to end the war by cutting off war funding, except what’s needed for the prompt, safe, orderly withdrawal of all our troops.

Each day from March 5 through March 13, different national groups in our alliance will spark phone calls to Congress. Instead of just one day of calls, we’ll keep pressure on Congress for over a week leading up to the Iraq Supplemental vote. Thanks to our toll-free number (connected directly to the Capitol Hill switchboard), we’ll track how many calls we can generate when we all work together. Mon., March 5 –

Voters for Peace *Tues., March 6 — PDA, **AfterDowningStreet**,

**US** Labor Against the War* Wed., March 7 — CodePink, Global Exchange Thurs., March 8 – GSFP Fri., March 9 – Peace Action Mon., March 12 – UFPJ Tues., March 13 – All together now!

*Join with PDA members/supporters this Tuesday, March 6 and call Congress: 1- **888-851-1879.* *

* *Please take a minute to share with us how things went with your call! {http://blog.pdamerica.org/?p=1011}*

Immigration appeal may free 9 year old Canadian boy held in Texas detention

March 5, 2007

This is encouraging news, that was published in today’s Toronto Star, about the little Canadian boy whose tragic situation I’ve been following closely, as have many other bloggers. He may be soon be freed to return to Canada, after a temporary residency permit allowing his parents entry is filed by Toronto lawyer Andrew Brouwer. Brouwer said last night that it was likely the US authorities would release the family to Canada if this country would accept them.

Since the boy is Canadian-born he can come here now, but “there is no on here to care for him without his parents”, Brouwer said.

Barbara Hines, professor at the University of Texas’ immigration clinic said last night that the little boy, Kevin’s, appeal letter to PM Harper — which I had posted here previously — had been sent to various media outlets. (Professor Hines had been contacted by the family for help.)

Andrew Brouwer is with the Toronto law firm Barbara Jackman and Associates. He said the temporary residency permit would allow the parents to stay in Canada while efforts were made to counter the rule that bars deported persons from re-entering Canada.

For more details, read this Toronto Star article: Appeal may free boy, 9, held in Texas.

Reminder: CBC Newsworld’s ‘Encounter Point’ documentary premiere tonight at 10 pm!

March 5, 2007



(Sunday March 4 at 10pm ET/PT on CBC Newsworld)


Reverberations from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are felt worldwide. It is perhaps the most divisive, polarizing and documented political issue of our time. Encounter Point moves beyond sensational, dogmatic and canned images to tell the story of an Israeli settler, a convicted Palestinian fighter, a bereaved Israeli mother and a wounded Palestinian ex-prisoner who sacrifice their safety, public standing, communities and homes in order to press for a grassroots movement for nonviolence and peace. Their journeys lead them to the unlikeliest places to stem hatred among their peoples and confront fear within themselves.

Discuss this film online.