Kevin Yourdkhani and parents on their way to Canada!

March 21, 2007

Kevin Yourdkhani and his parents are finally coming home!

This is the latest update about the ordeal of the Canadian boy and his parents who have been held in detention at T. Don Hutto in Texas:

TORONTO (CP) – A Canadian boy and his Iranian parents who have spent the last few weeks in a Texas detention centre are expected to arrive in Canada Wednesday.

The family has been granted temporary passage to Canada by Immigration and Citizenship Minister Diane Finley – but their Canadian lawyer says they’ve had to wait for Canadian and U.S. officials to sign off on the documents required for their release.

Read this Global National News article here: Detained family now en route to Canada

And here is the story on CBC News: Canadian boy, Iranian parents headed to Toronto from Texas prison

“We are relieved that the two governments have acted together in order to get this family out of an absolutely terrible situation and a completely unacceptable situation,” the family’s lawyer, Andrew Brouwer, told the Canadian Press.

Brouwer further stated:

“When I talked to Majid last night, he was excited, but still cautious,” he said.

“We had been hoping that he would have been out a week ago — by the time he got this news, I can only imagine how excited he was.”