In Unity and in Strength- from Jacqueline House

This letter is from Jacqueline House at the Six Nations reclamation site. It is posted here with her kind permission:

July 9, 2007


One question that I feel we should all be asking ourselves, “What are we going to do about Canada voting against the Declaration on the Right of the ‘First People’. Canada has a problem with us because of our birth rights to the land and the natural resources on our territories that enables us to be an Independent Nation. They not only don’t want to recognize us as holding title to the land, they do not want to compensate us for the land that has been molested and stolen from us while they held a gun to our heads. And “free prior and informed consent” to our people so that we are approached and informed of any possible development on behalf of the governments plans of building on the land/territories. By not signing, they are violating International Law and standards regarding Human Rights.

Note: When one violates the law such as stealing your neighbor’s car. What happens when one is caught ~ charged, convicted and sentenced! Could one not say that they were borrowing it and had every intention on taking it back? Whose to decide one is lying?

Well out of curiosity I am asking these questions, “Who holds Canada accountable for theft? Who pays for their crimes of molestation? Who do they think they are? A Nation? John Cretien said, “It is impossible to have a Nation within a Nation meaning when Canada planted themselves in the middle of Ottawa, we the First Nation did not say, “Canada can be a Nation” period.
Now we have a few years later Stephen Harper saying, “Quebec can be a Nation within Canada.” I don’t know about anyone else but I am thinking what is a Nation within a Nation, you either are or not. And never mind my thought; “what about the fact that a head leader oops I said the bad word ‘leader’ contradicts another? Did he forget who Cretien represented, ‘the voting citizens’ no wonder their is lack of respect and disorder, the whole damn Parliament is corrupted so corrupted that they forgot one lie after the other and back paddling to stay afloat. I guess they too need to learn how to go out and fish, cause it’s not so much catching the fish its learning how to stay in the center of the boat because if one leans too far one way, the boat tips, so it’s a matter of staying focused.

As I look at the political movement I must say it’s very interesting to see all the lies and manipulation unraveling before our very eyes. I sit here with a smirk on my face as I hear mom’s very wise words, “When you lie, you are only lying to yourself and sooner or later that lie will catch up to you.” It may take 1 day, 1 month, one year or better yet 100 hundred years, but it will come out. The truth will be known that it’s “Conspiracy to Commit Genocide” as the government continues to strip away our people’s identity through language, tradition and natural resources. They have betrayed our forefathers where our Treaties alone are concerned. They are not honoring who and what they represent, ‘The Crown’ as they have obligations and when they are sworn in they take an oath to honor what and
whom they represent.

As for leader; when we first began the journey to reclaim what is rightfully ours, the acting officials wanted us to say we had a leader amongst us. I am reminding them that there are no leaders. We work independently together according to our customs and traditions. To the outside laws of the citizens, when a group of people gathered together, the government wants a leader because they can say, “it’s organized crime”which “follows under the terrorism act.” They want their people to believe that we are committing acts of violence so they can put a final end to their plan, which is “politically strip us of our identity.” So who holds these politicians accountable? Where the voters in on this Master Plan? If it is not in the job description who decides?

I am upset for the simple fact that Indian and Northern Affairs decided to put my family and me under another Nation other than the one we are born into. That alone is conspiring to change my identity as it takes away our bloodline. The way it is set up, my family stops with my mother and we are no longer who we are. But because of our family tree and our clan system we know where we belong. So I ask another question, “Who’s this left up to and who’s going to correct this?”

I am very ashamed of the RCMP for what they have done to our children once again. They not only had a hand in kidnapping them, now they are trying to kill them through pepper spray. Who gave this order, somebody did?

Somebody has to be held accountable for the many crimes that has and are committed against our people. Therefore, I am asking. “Can we have a public inquiry for we need answers as the time has come to put an end to the government corruption so that we don’t have to feel we have to live in constant terror?
Is it I or is this downright Conspiracy? Under Canadian Law, the United States authorities can request extradition of a Canadian Citizen using trumped up, and not to mention hearsay, evidence before Canadian courts through “Reasonable exception.” Here we go again with the double standard. English name ‘Graham’ is already convicted. He doesn’t have a hope in hell. In spite of all the evidence that says there is definite conspiracy through not only one government but two; Canada and the United States both who have and always will work together for the ‘Master Plan” to commit “Genocide.” Although, Graham’s lawyer Terry Laiberte states after the BC Supreme Court denied listening to, “a shadow of doubt.” As he says, “I’d drive a truck through the holes in this case.” Sounds to me like they are using the same tactics just to incarcerate one of our people that they feel threatened by because they’re afraid the truth will be known that they, the government, is operating under, “organized crime.” Once again I find myself asking one of many questions. How many times do our people have to continue to suffer because of our natural birth right as titleholders to the land? How many times were people convicted only to later find out it was the wrong person and that is what happens when one acts like God.

Even in 1992, “fifty-five Canadian MPS filed a brief to a U.S. court affirming that Canada has been duped.” Are they going to do the same thing 6 years from now, “We once again made a mistake.” Only Leonard is still in prison and that is not a little mistake it is a man’s life they stole. They robbed a child’s childhood when they took their father and forced the family to believe that he is acting like a cold-blooded killer when in fact, they who are guilty are the real murderers. I know that if Leonard or Graham killed anyone they would fess up to it, I know because even as a woman I would stand up and tell the truth just like Shawn Brant because no matter what, we don’t run and hide from ourselves. That makes us less of a person and we carry that pride to be honest respectful and peaceful people.

And I will end with a few quotes of Leonard Peltier my blood brother that I admire for staying strong and free spirited who I hope to one day meet. Shawn Brant, his words touched my heart and I am there with all of our people no matter what. And Graham I will try to do what I can to help although I never met any of you, I know who you are because I too carry the scars of Genocide.

Leonard ~ “When we talk of sovereignty, we must be willing to solve our own problems and not go running to the oppressor for relief. We have been and still are at odds with the most dangerous, well-funded, strongest military and political organization in the history of the world [the U.S. government].”

Brant ~ “I believe we touched people’s hearts. I believe for the first time in 125 years, people gave a s*** if our kids live or die.” And, “I hope they don’t believe putting me in jail puts the issue in jail.”

Shawn is so right when he says, “it is about poverty, unresolved land claims and high youth suicide.” I’d like to add the miscarriages through the spraying of pesticides which reminds me that some of our people on Six Nations were asked not to be sprayed even though, or at least let the women know, so they can get our medicines out of the ground. Because they operate as an arm to that system, we lost the medicines. The waters are so contaminated in areas and because this is the only way our people can stay alive without becoming dehydrated, we are forced to drink water that holds so much contamination that our children are being born with fins. So tell me if I am wrong to say, “Conspiracy to commit Genocide against us and is that not a crime: ‘organized crime? ”

>Do we have a right to be angry? Yes but are we, No but we are hurt

>Do we have a right to exist for who we are? Yes after all, the Creator put us here

>Do we have a right to live the way we choose? According to customs and traditions

>Do we have a right to get in and steer one’s boat? No

> Do we have a right to control one’s thoughts? No

> Do we have a right to the land? Yes

> Do we act out in a violent way? No, in a frustrated way

> Do we hold children hostage? No

> Do we massacre another race? No

> Do we lie about our past? No

> Do we promote peace? Yes

> Do we honor what our forefathers gave us? Yes

> Do we have any rights?

> Birth Rights/Human Rights

> Do we corrupt Mother Earth? No

> Do we act like God? No

Nya weh

Always Jacqueline


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