Withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from Ramstein,Germany

This info is from IPPNW with thanks going to Barbara Birkett of PGS for sharing it. Several of us have been trying to figure out the nuclear weapons numbers in Europe. As far as I have been able to learn, there have recently been:

a) 180 US-owned nw stored in several European countries for use by NATO


b) 300 US-owned nw stored on US bases in Europe for use by US forces, giving us a grand total of 480 nw in Europe.

Xanthe’s information below plus the table on p. 2 of the article summarizing on nuclear weapons in Europe found at:


would lead us to believe that the figure for a) above should now be reduced by 40 nw and the figure for b) above should be reduced by 130.

Hopefully this is a true reduction and something to celebrate!


According to Hans Christensen of the Federation of American Scientists, the US have withdrawn their nuclear weapons from the air base at Ramstein in Germany (estimated to be about 130). This is indicated by a new list that shows which bases receive regular security inspections of the nuclear weapons based there.

Previously, Ramstein was listed and now it is not. It was already believed that the nuclear weapons at Ramstein had been taken elsewhere because major building was taking place at the base, but this list suggests that the withdrawal has been made permanent.

Both the US Pentagon and the German Defense Ministry refuse to give any information on the withdrawal, and neither confirm nor deny it. IPPNW Germany has demanded that the German government get rid of the remaining 20 nuclear weapons based at Buechel, which are part of the nuclear sharing arrangements.

While this is very good news for Germany, should it be correct, there is still some doubt as to whether the weapons are permanently gone and we are still pushing in our new campaign for a complete German withdrawal from all nuclear sharing arrangements and the anchoring of the nuclear weapon free status in the constitution. The new web site of the German campaign went online today:


Xanthe Hall

IPPNW Germany


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