ACLU Updates: NSA Spy Program / Guantanamo

Here are some updates from the ACLU:

Breaking News: ACLU Slams Court Decision in Challenge to Illegal NSA Spy Program

read more here

High Court Will Review Guantánamo Appeal

The ACLU welcomed last week’s Supreme Court decision to review an appeal by Guantánamo detainees seeking the right to challenge their detention in federal court. The Court had previously declined to hear the appeal in April, but reversed course in an order issued on the final day of the Term.

“This action by the Supreme Court is yet another sign of growing concern with the Bush administration’s failed Guantánamo policy,” Steven R. Shapiro, the ACLU’s national Legal Director said. “Even those who participated in that policy are now openly criticizing it. Having already lost three times in the Supreme Court, the administration continues to argue that it has the right to detain hundreds of people at Guantánamo indefinitely without any meaningful judicial review.”

Learn more: Five Years at Guantánamo, a podcast from Steve Shapiro:


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