The SPP finally mentioned in the Star!

Coincidentally, I wrote a letter to the Toronto Star yesterday about Harper’s SPP plans for Canada. In my letter, I castigated the mainstream media — including the Star — for their failure to report about the odious, secretive meeting next month in Montebello, Que., that would begin the deep integration process and make us the 51st State of the US of A right under our ignorant noses. Today, I see that one of my favourite columnists, the illustrious, outspoken Linda McQuaig wrote a very compelling article about that very topic:

Continental integration on the march

Jul 10, 2007 04:30

It’s a great irony that, while the United States has probably never been less popular among Canadians than in the era of George W. Bush, plans to integrate Canada more deeply into the U.S. have been proceeding at a brisk clip.

The threat of Canada being absorbed into the U.S. has traditionally provoked strong reactions here, as the pitched electoral battles over the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in the 1980s and ’90s attest.

But the issue seems to have largely disappeared in recent years, leaving the impression that the push for deeper integration has stopped or that Canadians no longer care about it. Neither is true.

Rather, what’s happened is that those pushing for deeper Canada-U.S. integration – principally members of the corporate elite on both sides of the border – have become more sophisticated in their strategy. Rather than loudly trumpeting their agenda, they’ve made their push largely invisible.

Their latest vehicle is the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). Since it was officially launched by the leaders of the U.S., Canada and Mexico in March 2005, it’s operated largely under the radar, even though it deals with some of the most important issues a nation faces – national security and energy, as well as trade.

Read rest of article here.

Harper is selling Canada under the radar. By the time the politicians and the people notice it, we shall have been integrated for good. This thing is the most vital issue for Canada; bigger than Afghanistan, neo-con government or anything else. Harper means to sell us lock stock and barrel to the US, to his ideal government. Remember he called Canada a “third rate socialist country” only a few short years ago. In reality it makes sense unfortunately, because if the US currency drops 30% of its value in the next few years and Canada’s dollar goes up by that much we are a dead duck. 85% of our trade is with the US and if the dollar is $1.35 we will not be able to sell any of our stuff to the States, they will not be able to afford it. So they are working on integrating the currency as well. If that happens we will be the de facto 51st State and all our laws and customs will be eradicated to be harmonized with the US. Our only salvation, as I see it, is to get out of NAFTA, start to control our natural rescources and diversify trade with other countries as soon as possible. If we get out of NAFTA we have a fighting chance, but we have to get rid of this quisling government first. Then convince the other parties to stand firm against this takeover. Unfortunately, we always have to try to appease the Americans; they have been eyeing us with envy for a long time.

I personally have no desire to live in an American paradise, with their sick laws and ultra-violent society. Do you?


13 Responses to The SPP finally mentioned in the Star!

  1. About time someone in the press spoke up. But what are we to do about it when the Liberals signed SPP and the Cons are running with it? Both of these parties and their coporate friends are going to make damn sure this does not become an election issue.

    Greens and NDP are against it but one is ignored and the other would rather play to the camera over Bank fees and afganistan and ignore sovereignty. Don’t get me wrong I’m against afganistan but our nations existence and future deserve some attention too.

    The argument that the weakening U.S. dollar is reason to join in union to protect jobs is stupid. The U.S. is on the edge of bankruptcy, bank collapes, and a possible monetary crisis. The pain of joining and getting caught with a worthless currency that’s dragged down by their debt is far worse than lossing jobs because of a strong currency. Mexico is no better, their gov budget is 40 based on a old, mismanaged, rapidly depleting oil field.

    The U.S. collapse is coming and we are much better alone than caught up in their finacial crisis, their war on terror, their gang culture society, their increasingly authoritarian government that is blatently ignoring both world law and their own constituion. This is a time for nationalism not Continentalism.


  2. Tammy says:

    where/how can i protest this?


  3. Tammy I would start out by

    1. contact you MP and point out your opposition to SPP

    2. Write you local papers

    3. Tell your friends

    4. blog

    5. If you have a site post an anti SPP/deep integration banner, such as the one from

    6. Aug 19-21 there are various actions taking place in Ottawa and Montebello Quebec where the 3 leaders will be meeting to plot our demise.
    A look at what they are planning can be found here

    It appears various peace groups, anti globalization groups, the Green Party , unions and others will be taking part in protests.

    If your not in the area for these events look localy or at least do what you can on numbers 1-5


  4. Lasker says:

    “Greens and NDP are against it but one is ignored and the other would rather play to the camera over Bank fees and afganistan and ignore sovereignty. Don’t get me wrong I’m against afganistan but our nations existence and future deserve some attention too.”

    GAB, we’re on the same side of this debate, and I respect where your political loyalties lie, but you’re showing bad faith in bad-mouthing the NDP on this. Peter Julian has been, by far, the most active MP on the issue. He has led the organization of a tri-national forum on this issue with concerned politicians, organizations and citizens of all three countries, he has forced the Conservative Party to hold hearings on the issue at Parliament,. These are the hearings that saw the Cons up in arms when Energy expert Gordon Laxer wanted to testify.

    To say that the NDP is neglecting the issue because it “would rather play to the camera over Bank fees and afganistan” is frankly dishonest and rather insulting.


  5. verbena19 says:

    Thank you all for your comments and concerns about this most important issue facing us Canadians and our way of life as we know it.

    As mentioned in my post above, I have contacted our newspaper (Star) and am tirelessly contacting my MPs, MPPs, and Jack Layton. My local NDP candidate has been made very much aware and he’s on board with this. I’m waiting to hear back from Layton. I’ve also contacted friends in various Ridings who are doing likewise. And as you can see, I am blogging about it and have had the Vive le Canada banner up on my sidebar all along. Also, I am a member of the Brampton-Peel Chapter of the Council of Canadians, and we are working hard to get the info out.

    Hope you all do the same, and those of you with blogs, please post! You are more than welcome to include any of my posts on this issue, or link to them. If you will take the time to read my separate page article “Why we must defend Canada”, you’ll see that it refers to this very same thing….

    This is not the time for partisan politics — it is time for Canadians to wake up and take action before we become the 51st State of US union!! Spread the word — take action!!!

    Thank you.


  6. Peter Julian has been more than active in this fight and I respect him for that but Jack has not been. As leader what he says sets the real or percieved priorities of his party. Layton has not ued his press time to slam SPP and unfortunately Peter Julian gets little to no press time.

    So I don’t retract my comments on the NDP I would suggest that NDP MPs and supporters make it clear to Layton that this issue is more important than atm fees, or that perhaps someone like Peter Julian should be running the show. If I ever meet Peter or you for that matter I’ll buy the beers, Jack however can buy his own.


  7. verbena19 says:

    Thanks! And keep up the good work, spread the word far and wide! 🙂 amd


  8. harpervalley says:

    great post annamarie! meantime alison at creekside has posted someone’s denial of it all and saying it’s all conspiracy….ya right!


  9. saxboy says:

    Excellent Post!

    “but we have to get rid of this quisling government first. Then convince the other parties to stand firm against this takeover. ”

    Not necessarily in this order, I hope?


  10. verbena19 says:

    Scout, the denial is false. Believe me, I had it from highly credible sources that it is indeed ALL TRUE!! That’s why I wrote my letter to the Star (which I don’t think got published this time, but maybe prompted someone there to check it out…. ?)… The Council of Canadians has been talking about it too. So trust me, it’s been checked out, and it’s anything but a conspiracy. It’s been in the works for quite some time, but is fast-tracked because of the plummeting US dollar, their heavy debt (which they can’t and likely won’t be able to repay in the foreseeable future), their humongous trade deficit with China, the escalating Iraq & Afghanistan fiascoes, their water shortage, and all their other humongous problems… And Mexico has lots of problems, so to Bush and Calderon. the North American Union seems like a ‘fix’… If they switch currency to the Amero, the US gets out of repaying its huge debt… Canada stands to lose the most: not least among them our sovereignty and natural resources which the US has been coveting for a long time…. and the list goes on and on….

    Saxboy: no, not necessarily in that order… my brain gets over-tired sometimes so that things come out backwards… 😉


  11. verbena19 says:

    P.S. and of course, the US wants our oil.


  12. “P.S. and of course, the US wants our oil.”

    oil, water, uranium, budget surplus and credit rating.


  13. verbena19 says:

    Yes indeed, GAB!


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