SPP Challenge – Blogosphere-Meatspace Crossover Poll

JimBobby has come up with an excellent blogging poll about the odious SPP, and ideas on how to best get the word out, over at his blog on JimBobby Sez. Most Canadians have no clue about this dangerous Security and Prosperity Partnership deal that is being cooked up by corporate elites and our government leaders together with their US and Mexican counterparts. Regular people from all three of these countries stand to lose by this ‘partnership’, which would only benefit Corporate North America and their government puppets. Canadians would be hit especially hard by this proposed integration into a North American Union!

Security and Prosperity indeed!! For whom? Not “we the people”, that’s for sure!!!

I strongly urge ALL concerned Canadians to check out JimBobby’s blog, learn all you can about the SPP, and ACT!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

SPP Challenge – Blogosphere-Meatspace Crossover Poll

Whooee! Well friends an’ foes, ol’ JB’s chewin’ nails an’ fartin’ tacks. I been readin’ about how the RCMP, Surete Q-Beck an’, get this, the US Army stopped the Council of Canadians from holding an informational meeting regarding the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

While I was postin’ a comment over to Stageleft, I got thinkin’ about how SPP has been flyin’ under the radar. I got a boogin’ poll that might help bring this festerin’ boil to a head.

Here’s how the poll works –

  1. Read up on SPP. Here, too.
  2. Over a few days, ask as many people as you can if they’ve ever heard of SPP or the Security and Prosperity Partnership for North America.
  3. Keep track of the percentage or fraction of those who got a clue an’ those who ain’t.
  4. Publish the results on yer boog.

Pretty easy, sez I.

If enough people do it, we could get a good idea of just how far under the radar SPP is flyin’.

I’m plannin’ on askin’ people startin’ today and endin’ on Sunday. I’ll be goin’ to some o’ the Friday the 13th festivities over in Port Dover this weekend so I’ll see more folks than on a usual weekend. I ain’t sure I’ll be askin’ too many Hell’s Angels about deep integration, though.

If yer interested in takin’ part an’ you let me know, I’ll update this here post with a link to yer boog. I’ll try to do some sorta tabulation of the combined results… or else, I’ll find somebuddy who likes that sorta number crunchin’. Dang! This is startin’ to sound like work.


UPDATE: Erik‘s on board. Sounds like Red Tory and Stageleft are, too. And Woman at Mile 0. Whooee! More pollsters – Green Assassin Brigade, skdadl at POGGE and AnnaMarie at Verbena-19.

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