Cindy Sheehan is back!

The tireless, courageous Cindy Sheehan tried to remove herself from the US political realm after she was maligned and sold out by some Republicans in Democrat clothing (the ‘Sheeple in Congress’). However, Bush’s ‘blatant audacity’ of commuting (and possibly even pardoning) Scooter Libby’s sentence has prompted the outspoken Cindy to return:

Call Out The Instigator

by Cindy Sheehan

Call out the Instigator
Because there’s something in the air
We got to get together sooner or later
Because the revolution’s here
You know it’s right!

-Thunderclap Newman

I’m not backing off. I tried to remove myself from the political realm of the US, what BushCo is turning into an Evil Empire, but the blatant audacity of George commuting Scooter’s sentence (he’s not ruling out a full pardon —and you know he will) has dragged me kicking and screaming back in. I can’t sit back and let this BushCo drag our country further down into the murky quagmire of Fascism and violence, taking the rest of the world with them!



11 Responses to Cindy Sheehan is back!

  1. Yes now the left will genuine credibilty.


  2. Michael Pugliese says:

    Cindy Sheehan: Distinct Chance Of Staged Attack, Martial Law


  3. jack says:

    i cant tell if she is a man or women she should take her views on bush and shove them up her ass she is a traitor


  4. verbena19 says:

    Michael, thanks for the link! (btw, I am not ‘far left’ as you’ve said in another comment on another post here… I try to sift through all the verbiage on all sides to find a few grains of credibility… and I don’t consider the Council of Canadians and Maude Barlow as ‘far lefties’)…

    blazing and jack’s comments are too childish to be graced with a reply.


  5. jack says:

    thats because you liberal scum are a bunch of tree screwing nuts stick it where bill clinton did right up your ass, jack a bush man


  6. verbena19 says:

    ok, jack, and you have a nice evening too!

    best regards, annamarie


  7. jack says:

    ok annamarie you have a nice evening too jack


  8. verbena19 says:

    P.S. to Michael: Sorry for the part of my above comment to you that is in parentheses… I had misread your comment on my other post… You did not call me anything…. Just my overtired brain unable to read… (have been running on empty — little sleep — since my sister’s tragic accident…)


  9. Jan Johnstone says:

    Annemarie, I know it isn’t my business, but I do hope your sister is all right.


  10. verbena19 says:

    Jan, thank you so much for your kind thoughtfulness…

    My sister fell off a ladder a little over 2 months ago, cracked her skull, suffered a brain hematoma and some permanent damage… it’s had me very concerned, as you can imagine. I’ve been trying to help. She lives alone in her house. My elderly mother lives across the street, and she worries too, and takes food over. I live a bit further, on the N. side of Brampton, and I do not drive, so it takes a while to get there… in May, I stayed with my sister for a week… I also spend some days there, but I can’t stay too long, as I’ve my old uncle who lives with me and I’m the caregiver… I must make sure he has his medicines and food… You can imagine the lengthy preparations I have to do whenever I go away for my peace conferences, meetings, rallies or just for a few days rest at my girlfriend’s…

    Sorry to go on at such length, but thank you for listening.

    my very best regards to you,
    annamarie 🙂


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