Indigenous issues

BOLIVIA: Indigenous March On Constituent Assembly

Franz Chávez

LA PAZ – Indigenous people have begun a weeks’-long march for their right to autonomy, heading from the lowland city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in central Bolivia to the constitutional and judicial capital, Sucre, where the country’s Constituent Assembly is meeting.


CHILE: Aymaras Don’t Want to Disappear

Daniela Estrada

PICA – Twenty years ago, close to 100 indigenous Aymara people lived in the village of Cancosa, but today only 10 remain. The same is true of many indigenous communities in the Chilean Altiplano, as their members have moved out in search of jobs and educational opportunities.

Aymaras Vow Mining Co. Will Restore Wetland


Fearing Border Protests, Cairo Meets Bedouin Demands

Adam Morrow and Khaled Moussa al-Omrani

CAIRO – Two months after the Bedouin, an indigenous people of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula began holding angry demonstrations against what they call a policy of official harassment by police, the authorities last week released dozens of tribesmen detained in mass arrests over the last three years.


SRI LANKA: Norway in No Hurry to Resume Mediation

Amantha Perera

COLOMBO – While much store is being set by the prospect of Norway returning to its key role as mediator between the nationalist government of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse and ethnic Tamil rebels, indications are that the Scandinavians are in no hurry.


AUSTRALIA: Cape Yorkers Pin Hopes on Heritage Listing

Neena Bhandari

SYDNEY – With the Cape York peninsula coming under pressure from mining, commercial fishing and the tourism industries, conservation groups are pinning hopes on this pristine locale gaining a World Heritage listing and thereby permanent protection.

“The indigenous aboriginal communities retain a storehouse of knowledge that is critical to the long-term management and protection of the environment.”


U.S.: Native Americans and Immigrants Share Common Struggle

Jonathan Springston

ATLANTA – One group has lived here for millennia, while the other has just arrived. But Native Americans and immigrants have much in common, particularly the alienation and oppression they experience in U.S. society, activists and community leaders said at the U.S. Social Forum.


CANADA: Day of Action Highlights Native Frustration

Am Johal

VANCOUVER – A day of action by Canada’s aboriginal community has led to nationwide protests across the country and some transportation closures in Ontario. A dissident group, led by Mohawk activist Shawn Brant, also set up barricades on Highway 2 and a CN rail line, 50 kms west of Kingston, Ontario.


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