Support Environmental Defence to urge Canada to ban Bisphenol A!

Please take action in support of Environmental Defence on this important issue concerning Bisphenol A, which is a highly toxic chemical that is in 1 out of 3 cans of baby formula — and it’s also in a wide array of foods that we eat!

I am writing to you today to seek your help in urging Canada to ban a highly toxic chemical called Bisphenol A from food and beverage containers. While some countries have stepped up to tackle toxic pollution, Canada continues to lag behind. Our federal government is doing little to stop Bisphenol A from harming the health of Canadian families.

Bisphenol A is proven to be toxic at low doses and shockingly, it’s in a wide range of foods that we eat.

It’s in foods like ravioli, chicken soup and even infant formula. It can be found in just about anything that comes in food and beverage cans, hard plastic water containers and baby bottles.

The health risks of Bisphenol A include prostate and breast cancer, immune system dysfunction, early puberty in females, and higher rates of miscarriage. New studies with similar findings of the substance’s toxicity are being published almost every month.

You can visit our Toxic Nation website to read up on how else Bisphenol A is bad for us all, and to find alternatives.

Environmental Defence needs your help to get this toxic chemical banned. Read on to find out what you can do. Despite more than 130 peer-reviewed studies showing that it’s toxic, the federal government is not acting to stop Bisphenol A from harming your health .

In fact, a news article in the Globe and Mail last week uncovered that the Health Canada official leading the federal review of Bisphenol A recently spoke at a medical conference and suggested that Bisphenol A is no more harmful than tofu . Within hours of the story being published, Health Canada reassigned the official. To ensure the public interest is upheld, Environmental Defence called on Health Canada to carry out an independent audit of all officials leading the review of key chemicals. You can read the news release outlining our concerns.

You can make a difference today by helping us reach our goal to get Bisphenol A phased out of food and beverage containers within one year.

  1. Make a Donation: Send your gift of $35, $60, or $100 that will go immediately to our campaign to phase out Bisphenol A.
  2. Take Action: Help us reach our goal of 5,000 signatures by visiting and by signing our petition to call on Environment Minister John Baird and Health Minister Tony Clement to take immediate action on Bisphenol A.
  3. Become a Defender of the Environment: with a small monthly pledge, you will join our core group of supporters that can be relied on to preserve our fragile environment. View the benefits of pledging monthly.

You can be sure that Environmental Defence delivers results.

Because of support from people like you, we exposed that Canadians young and old are polluted with harmful toxic chemicals. The federal government listened . Because of our Toxic Nation campaign, the federal government announced $300 million to better regulate toxic chemicals.

We run hard-hitting campaigns to get all levels of government to create policies that will better protect the environment and your health — but our success depends on you.

So please, take action today to help get Bisphenol A eliminated and protect the health of all Canadians!


Rick Smith, PhD.
Executive Director
Environmental Defence

P.S. Please support this important campaign and make a donation today. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.


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