Endangered species in Canada

Feds have no plan to help over 99% of species at risk

Of the 539 species that have been scientifically assessed as being at risk in Canada to date, 89.4% are not covered by an overall recovery strategy and 99.8% still do not benefit from a specific action plan, according to an analysis by the Sierra Club of Canada.

“The number one reason that species become endangered in Canada is the loss of their habitat, but the number one reason these species stay endangered is government inaction,” said Stephen Hazell, executive director of the Sierra Club of Canada.

Check out the numbers and the full news release


2 Responses to Endangered species in Canada

  1. annie says:

    Did the Liberals not pass an Endangered Species Act? Harper is so slow on the Environment. What has he done, so far, that is really meaningful ?


  2. verbena19 says:

    He really hasn’t done anything meaningful on the environment, except pay a bit of ‘lip service’ during some photo-ops… I don’t know why the Liberals’ Endangered Species Act is not being enforced. I guess Harper thinks he’s above any ‘acts’ and/or laws, like his US counterpart…


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