Public health care and private clinics

 Have you had a problem with Profit?
As you know, public health care works best. But private clinics are popping up across this country, undermining our public system, while provincial governments sit back and watch it happen.

The Canada Health Act is very clear on what is and is not allowed when it comes to the funding and delivery of health care. It also lets the federal government withhold cash from provinces that allow violations to occur.

Violations include user fees or extra billing for procedures covered under the provincial health plan. Which is why private businesses like the Copeman Clinic in Vancouver are actually breaking the law by asking patients to pay a $1,200 enrollment fee, and another $2,300 per year, for services available in the public system.

Similarly, some private clinics contravene the Canada Health Act by enticing doctors to provide services in both the public and private sectors. These and other illegal practices are spreading across Canada because Canada Health Act violations are going unpunished.

If you’ve experienced, or know of, a violation of the Canada Health Act, please share your story with us. But more importantly, let those responsible for upholding the Canada Health Act know that profit is not the cure!

You can protect medicare by filing a complaint with your provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons. They’ll review your complaint, provide advice to the parties involved, and may take additional steps to resolve the problem.

You can also submit any violations directly to the Canada Health Act Division of Health Canada.

It’s time to stand up for public health care by standing up to those provinces and clinics violating the Canada Health Act!


The Profit is Not the Cure team at the Council of Canadians

Read more about CHA violations on our website

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