MNN: Canada’s “Chernobyl” at Sharbot Lake?!

This comes from Kahentinetha Horn of MNN Mohawk Nation News:





MNN. July 14, 2007. The standoff over uranium mining at Sharbot Lake just north of Kingston Ontario is not a conflict between “natives and non-natives” as the Globe and Mail suggests. The dispute is between the Indigenous landowners and the mining companies and

their colonial government puppets.



Non-natives who want a peaceful and healthy future for their children are rallying in support of the Indigenous owners of the land. In this instance nobody with any sense is supporting uranium mining and the kind of activities that turns the earth into a toxic waste dump.


In the past week Highways 509 and 7 were blocked to protect our lands and the Ottawa/Mississippi rivers watersheds from radioactive contamination.




A mysterious private company called “Frontenac Ventures Corporation” FVC has been trespassing on our land so it can extract our resources.



Frontenac is a “private” company that develops uranium properties in Canada. Their website has three paragraphs with no names, addresses, phone numbers or links for more information. It states they operated “four mines between 1957 to 1964 in that area which produced 15 million pounds of uranium from pegmatite ore”. Open pit mining is one of their

favorite methods. They presently have 400 claims for almost 8,000 hectares on Algonquin territory. They also have claims on property occupied by non-native cottagers who feel totally voiceless. According to their website Frontenac plans “to start aggressive exploration and development immediately”. The main settler opposition is associated with the “Green party” which is gearing up for the Ontario provincial election. Their focus is to change the “Ontario Mining Act” and are using

this issue for their own ends.




Frontenac’s board is made up of:


Dr. K. Sethu Raman, former Vice-President of “Campbell Chibougamau Mines” and “Royex Gold Group of Companies”

(now “Barrrick Gold”);

George White at 613-479-2936, the front man (who looks something like Mr. Burns of “The Simpsons”, the owner of the nuclear reactor that Homer works at), former vice-president and general manager of “Westburne

Industrial Enterprise Limited” that distributes oil and gas all over Turtle Island;

William J. Radvak is co-founder of “Response Biomedical Corporation” which develops and commercializes rapid “immunoassay diagnostic” tests;

Anthony Deweth previously of the private banking sector of “CIBC Wood Gundy”; and Doris Meyer, former vice-president and financial officer of “Queenstake” which negotiated the acquisition of the “Jerritt Canyon Mine” in Nevada and other publicly traded mining companies. Her own company is “Golden Oak Corporate Services”.



Does anyone have any information on how these colonial exploitation companies treat Indigenous people in the other “ventures” they’re been involved in?




Frontenac is being “reverse” bought out by “Sylvio Ventures” to be traded on the “Ventures Exchange Sector” of the Toronto Stock Exchange. This means that the rules for scrutinizing their activities is less stringent than a publicly traded company.



They plan to form a new company “Amalco” which will be a wholly-owned operating subsidiary of Sylvio. The corporate veil cannot be pierced. You can only sue the company which could be just a front. If there’s trouble the corporation dissolves itself and no one can be sued except for personal guarantees and illegal activities which are hard to prove.

It appears that besides mining uranium, they are trying to make a profit by creating nuclear weapons and other instruments of mass destruction in violation of international law.

Frontenac and their cohorts are furious that the Algonquins are denying them access to our land, minerals and the site to dig our uranium and make their bombs. George White even called us “eco terrorists” even though there hasn’t been one incidence of violence, except for the mosquitoes and deer flies that are wicked this year!




George White of Frontenac is concerned that the situation is similar to Niger in Africa where companies use armed security to carry out theft of resources there. Yes, George, your project is similar to Niger. A foreign corporation is taking somebody else’s resources and the bandits need armed forces to get away with it. In the meantime the land is being devastated and making it uninhabitable for good.




The Ontario government is developing nuclear power that could create the same kind of devastation that happened at “Chernobyl” in the Ukraine. The Soviet Union thought they had the greatest energy generating facility in the world. They did not foresee the catastrophic explosion of the nuclear plant in 1986 that killed thousands of people and destroyed the land for thousands of years. This once beautiful part of the Ukraine was turned into a waste land that will not be safe

to live on for hundreds of years. It was the worst accident in the history of nuclear power. The fall-out drifted over western Soviet Union, Europe and eastern Turtle Island. It exposed 6.6 million people to radioactivity. The number of deaths that resulted cannot yet be told. It affected rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ground water, fauna and vegetation and continues to cause grass and forest fires.




Frontenac has been ground to a halt. Frontenac, Mining Resource Engineering Limited MREL, Ministry of Natural Resources, Department of National Defense, Indian Affairs and the Ontario government are uninvited crooks who sneaked into Sharbot and Ardoch Lakes without telling the Algonquin people. It is being done for the benefit of private shareholders and investors who want to profit from the theft of our resources that we never surrendered.




Private corporations like Frontenac are not listed on the stock exchange. We cannot find out who the real owners are. They could be a front for secret investors. They appear to have something to hide. There is a legal separation between the private investors and the corporation. In this case it is almost impossible to pierce the corporate veil and get at the scoundrels who hide behind such corporations. Let’s take that veil off.



Only the federal or provincial environment ministries can chose to become involved in their activities. The corporation can act secretly without regard for the welfare, laws, elders and future generations of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. Should a catastrophe happen they could declare bankruptcy and disappear. No one will ever know who the secret culprits were. Even if they’re caught, found to be negligent or criminal and the company is charged, a judgment could go in their favor against us.


On the other hand, a “public” company is highly regulated and has to tell the shareholders what they’re doing.



The Algonquins are sovereign and independent who never surrendered their lands. They are not part of Canada because they never agreed to join the colonial state and come under the “Indian Act”. They remain independent under their own traditional law and the rules of international law apply.




Should a squatter build a house on your land, they would be trespassing. Even if a buddy of theirs gave them the rights or deed. At Sharbot and Ardoch Lakes neither Canada nor Ontario has legal jurisdiction to grant mining licenses to Algonquin territory and resources. It’s trespass and theft.




Indian Affairs usurped Indigenous sovereignty by declaring themselves as the “trustees” that these foreign agencies have to deal with. Indian Affairs pretends that we and our lands are under their jurisdiction. They don’t want anyone to deal directly with us under our laws.


In the Guerin and Sparrow decisions, the Supreme Court of Canada found that the Crown has a fiduciary obligation to act in our best interests. Indian Affairs has notoriously breached this duty.




On top of this breach, they allow foreign interests to conduct munitions manufacturing, target practice and experimentation which is devastating and destroying our land. Uranium tailings are being made into nuclear bombs. Under international law it is illegal to use weapons of mass destruction or to even use force to solve disputes. We don’t know why these guys are making weapons that cannot be used legally. This must be why they are keeping their operations a big secret. It takes 10,000 years for uranium to lose its “half life”. That’s over 500 generations from now.



Non-natives formed the “Community Action Coalition Against Mining Uranium” to raise money for food and other necessities. The three issues the Algonquins are facing are: unsettled colonial claims to our land; colonists are giving permission for foreign entities to stake claims to our unsurrendered land and resources; and the danger of uranium mining.


Journalists are worried about being fired if they write the truth. The mining activities and nuclear experimentation is so dangerous that it is putting the lives of the public at stake.


It freezes our mind to think of the consequences. We have to help the Algonquins at Sharbot and Ardoch Lakes.


Write your members of parliament, the prime minister and the international community. Ask who has bought off the government and why? Is any amount of money gained in one lifetime worth jeopardizing the lives of humans for 10,000 years to come?




We are demanding “No uranium mining whatsoever”. The Big Trout Lake and Nishnabe Aski and three other Indigenous communities have declared an indefinite moratorium on uranium mining and they’re enforcing it. The Algonquin’s Coalition is waiting for the September negotiations with the Ontario government!!!




The fighters are getting tired and need your help immediately.


[To help contact: Chief Paula Sherman 613-279-1970; Bob Lovelace at 613-374-5598,

Cell 613-532-2166; Harold Perry 613-479-5534; Ormond Lee of the settler committee 613-267-7584].



In the meantime George White of Frontenac sits on his wicker chair at his cottage waiting for us to get tired and leave.



[For more information contact: Explosives Regulatory Division,

Natural Resources Canada Phone

613-948-5200.] [[MREL Bill Bauer Phone 613-545-0466 (111)

Cell 613-530-0777].

[Prime Minister Stephen Harper] [Anyone else you can think of to stop this madness.]



Kahentinetha Horn

MNN Mohawk Nation News



See: “Canada”


9 Responses to MNN: Canada’s “Chernobyl” at Sharbot Lake?!

  1. John Leblanc says:

    I am from the Little desert river band, from norhtern quebec, I frequently make use of the natural resources in north frontenac specifically, big gull lake and crotch lake. Thia company must be stopped at all cost. They are invaders trying to exploit native lands. If they will not listen to their own ways of dealing with this kind of insanity, then the old ways should be envoked and the invaders driven from our lands.


  2. verbena19 says:

    I agree with you, John.


  3. Lynn Daniluk says:

    Please take my contact information out this post. It was done without my permission.

    Thank you,

    Lynn Daniluk
    Uranium News


  4. Lynn Daniluk says:

    Algonquin Alliance Statement Against Uranium Exploration and Mining

    July 24, 2007

    On June 28, 2007 leadership and members of Ardoch Algonquin First Nation and Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation moved to secure the site of a proposed uranium mine in the traditional lands of the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation near Ardoch Ontario. Frontenac Ventures Corporation, under the ownership of George White had been notified by mail to vacate the premises prior to the 28th with his equipment and staff. On the 28th members of the two Algonquin communities moved in and secured the site to prevent the drilling of uranium core samples which were slated to begin the following week.

    Upon securing the site, the two communities established an alliance whose overall purpose was to prohibit access to the site and any proposed drilling within and around the site and all associated sites by Frontenac Ventures Corporation. The Algonquin alliance discovered through an initial search that multiple users had been granted access to the site and land surrounding the site by the MNR, Mining and Northern Development and private owners. At no time did any of these ministries or private owners contact or secure permission from Algonquin people to use the lands or resources in question. In fact, while Algonquin people in the area had heard rumours of a proposed uranium mine in Frontenac County, we were not aware of the plans to develop a mine on our traditional territory until Gloria Morrison, a private land owner in the region, attended a council meeting and asked for the Ardoch Algonquin council’s help in protecting her property. Gloria came to the meeting because 60 acres of her 100 acre holding had been staked by Frontenac Ventures under the Mining Act. She had exhausted all other alternatives at that point and hoped that Algonquin people could help her as she understood that the land she had purchased was in the historical territory of Algonquin people.

    As already mentioned the overall purpose of the Algonquin alliance is to prohibit access to the site and any proposed drilling within and around the site and all associated sites. This includes sites that are privately owned and leased to Frontenac Ventures Corporation as this usage is against the Original Teachings and Guiding Principles which provide the guidance necessary to live within Mino-Pimaadiziwin (which means to live the good life, in a balanced way that promotes the sustainability of the Natural World and all living entities). The alliance is using a four-pronged approach to dealing with uranium exploration and mining which includes education of the larger community on the dangers of uranium exploration and mining and direct action in various locations in Algonquin territory to bring local, national and international attention to the issue. The two Algonquin communities who make up this alliance are also concerned with their responsibility as Anishinaabe people to examine prior usage of the land and resources by all users who have been granted access by the province of Ontario. Part of that strategy is to develop sound mechanisms for restoring balance to the land and waterways that have been impacted by their activities on the land and also create protocols of interaction that can be used with future users so that the same mistakes do not occur again.

    The alliance also has to deal with the other users who were granted access to our territory through the province. One such user is MREL. MREL is a company that has moved heavily into the defence and security industry, and in particular the development of a range of vehicle disrupters which are used to neutralize improvised explosive devises and bomb laden vehicles, placed in anything from regular automobiles up to tractor trailer sized trucks. The units are robot deployed and designed to minimize collateral damage. The thrust of their work is humanitarian with an emphasis on saving lives, both by countering the threat of bombs in the civilian community, as well as to improve the defence capability of Canadian troops.

    As MREL’s current contract is designed to save lives, and not connected to the drilling of core samples or uranium mining, the alliance has made the decision to permit MREL to enter the site under a memorandum of understanding between MREL and Ardoch and Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nations. The memorandum of understanding will cover only the current project related to their research on vehicle disrupters. It will cover the nature of required clean-up from previous MREL work, set out the protocols for relating to the land in a way that promotes balanced relationships with the land and waterscapes, while also enabling MREL to complete the project in the designated timeframe. Any other usage of the site by MREL would have to be renegotiated. The MOU will also address the issue of securing the site while MREL is conducting their research. MREL has also come out openly against George While and Frontenac Ventures Corporation and has provided the alliance with numerous documents, maps, and correspondence that supports our position against uranium mining.

    The alliance is also concerned with a new tendency on the part of some individuals to treat this site as a tourist attraction. The articulation of our autonomy here is a serious issue for both Ardoch Algonquin First Nation and for Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation. We have secured the area for the sole purpose of preventing the drilling of core samples which would lead to the development of a uranium mine on our traditional territory. Securing the area means literally keeping everyone out unless they have been invited to enter at the main gate where the encampment is located. This policy is necessary to secure the safety of everyone, inside and outside the gate. The entire parameter has been secured through the use of warriors to prevent access to Frontenac Venture Corporation and no one should enter the site as you could be seen as working for FVC. This encampment and occupation of the surrounding land and watersheds is part of an ongoing resistance on the part of these two First Nations to resist the attempts of Frontenac Ventures Corporation to drill core samples, it should respectfully not be treated as a tourist attraction.

    The Algonquin alliance and resistance force is being assisted by CCAMU, Mining Watch, and other environmental and citizenship groups who are opposed to uranium mining. Many of the individuals involved in the various groups have had their own property staked under the Mining Act by Frontenac Ventures Corporation. While Algonquin people are concentrating on direct actions that articulate our autonomy in the valley of the Kiji Sìbì (which is a necessary component in the overall efforts to prevent uranium exploration and mining on our traditional lands), our non-Aboriginal friends and neighbours have renewed ancient relationships with the Algonquin people and communities here and have taken up once again their side of the wampum belt that was neglected long ago by their ancestors. Their efforts to create and disperse important information on the Mining Act and impacts of uranium mining have gone a long way in gaining outside support for our struggle to stop Frontenac in their tracks. Our non-Aboriginal neighbours have also created a network of support for the Algonquin and other Aboriginal communities who remain on the site behind the gate. This network of concerned friends and neighbours have taken it upon themselves to make sure that the people who remain there have the food, supplies, and necessities needed to maintain the occupation until a positive resolution can be achieved. Both Algonquin communities, as well as the other Aboriginal people at the site greatly appreciate the dedication and sacrifices made by everyone who has supported and continues to support our efforts to stop the proposed uranium exploration and mining on Algonquin land and that of our neighbours.

    Direct Action

    The alliance has taken several direct actions in the past few weeks to draw attention to the issue including two protest marches down Highway 7 in Sharbot Lake. The next direct action will take place on July 28 in Perth. Those wishing to participate in the action should meet at the lot behind Wendys at 3pm. This particular action will take place at two spots on Highway 7. There will be pylons inserted into the middle of the road to slow it down to two lanes. We will be setting up information tolls at each end of Perth on Highway 7. Cars will be allowed to travel but at a much slower pace which will permit us to provide info on the issue and also ask for donations which are needed to sustain the resistance force at the site and to pay for legal fees. We will need volunteers to stand at each end of the highway with picket signs and eight people to work the information toll. We will maintain the information toll from 3pm-6pm. We will continue to plan such actions on Highway Seven moving next to Carleton Place and eastward……eventually reaching Ottawa if necessary.

    Legal Strategy

    The Algonquin alliance has secured the legal services of Chris Reid, who is an expert on Aboriginal rights and law. Chris is working from the legal standpoint that Algonquin people never surrendered our lands and thus our autonomy and jurisdiction remain intact in the areas in which Frontenac Ventures Corporation has staked and plans to drill core samples. The details of that strategy need to remain confidential, but we will keep you updated on the progress made.

    Response from Frontenac Ventures Corporation

    Frontenac Ventures Corporation has responded to our protest in a variety of ways, including issuing a statement in the Globe and Mail wherein Frontenac’s CEO George White suggested that perhaps companies in Canada should utilize paramilitary forces such as those used in Africa (if you have seen Blood Diamond you will get the idea) to protect mining interests from people such as ourselves, which he equated with terrorism. In a meeting held last week, White’s lawyer said several nasty things about our Mohawk allies and asked point blank if there were Mohawk warriors on the premises. White also promised swift legal action against us at that meeting and has followed through with that threat as we have been told that he has filed a 77 million dollar law suit against the two Algonquin communities here and their associated leaders. While a security force showed up at several points today trying to serve the notice, no one accepted it and they will now deliver it to our legal team which is being led by Chris Reid out of Toronto.


    Given the length of time we will need to maintain the occupation of our lands and the nature of the legal issues, we will need to implement and maintain various fundraising initiatives and activities over the next few months. Frank Morrison, who alerted us to the activities of Frontenac Ventures Corporation, is in the process of organizing a major benefit concert to take place in Carleton Place which will help in that regard, as will the one that is scheduled for Weds in Sharbot Lake. If you are not able to come and stand with us on the ground here please get involved in organizing fundraising activities to support our efforts here and what will be undoubtedly a lengthy and costly legal battle. All funds raised can be dropped off at the gate or mailed to 1045 Canoe Lane Ardoch, ON. Please specify that mailed funds go to fight uranium mining and the efforts of the Algonquin people occupying the site. If you are not able to get involved in the organization of fundraising activities, please consider dropping off or sending in your donation to support this important issue. Uranium exploration and mining will destroy our traditional territory and make it impossible to live off the land or to maintain our responsibilities to the land and waterways. We are doing this for the benefit of your children and grandchildren, so that they will have a future as Algonquin people.


    The Algonquin Alliance of Ardoch Algonquin First Nation & Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation


  5. verbena19 says:

    Lyn, I have just noticed that you’ve asked for your contact info to be taken out of the above post. I took it out now. Sorry, I didn’t see it earlier….

    thanks for your above update. I’ve posted it in a separate post. I hope that’s ok with you.

    in sprit, annamarie


  6. Lynn Daniluk says:

    Thank you for responding to my request.


    Lynn Daniluk


  7. verbena19 says:

    You’re welcome, and regards to you too,



  8. Rick Fanning says:

    To Kahentinetha Horn:

    I was just wondering, when did what was “crown land” when I lived in that area become the “territory” of the Algonquin nation? And who are the “colonists” you refer to? Hundreds of years have passed since there were colonists in the area. If you are referring to a good number of people who were born on that land and have their roots there, they are not colonists. I object to that designation as I object to the term “Native Americans” that I hear so frequently. I was born on this great continent just as surely as the anyone in the First Nations and so surely I am also a “Native American”.

    Now that I’ve said that, I will say that I agree with you in that I oppose the prospect of uranium mining in your area. The area not only holds memories for me, but also holds a great deal of spiritual significance. I would be a tragedy of untold proportions to see the land desecrated in that manner. Too many times I see the land desecrated and the earth tortured in this area, all in the name of housing developments, business parks and shopping malls. There is a lot of red clay in this area and it is often as though the earth is bleeding when these wounds are inflicted.

    I hope you succeed in your efforts to stop the mining. I also hope that you consider this: To take land from those who have lived on it for centuries and have legal right to it would make you no better than those who took the land from the original owners centuries ago.


    Rick Fanning
    Oakdale, Tn USA


  9. […] an Ardoch Algonquin First Nation protester involved in the dispute with Frontenac Ventures over uranium mining at Sharbot Lake just north of Kingston: BOB LOVELACE TO SERVE SIX MONTHS IN JAIL: Press release: Christian […]


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