Threadbare: The Film

Arshad Khan is screening his movie THREADBARE.

Three years in the making, Threadbare is a tale of 24 innocent people caught in the web between “homeland security” and “home-grown terror”.

23 young Pakistani muslim men (and one Indian muslim) were arrested and subjected to the worst kind of treatment. Most of them were deported.

None of them was ever charged with what they were publicly accused of. Newspapers headlines screamed “terrorist” “Al-Quaida links” “terrorist cell.”

Many community- and labour-based activists got together to fight the racial targeting by the RCMP, the federal government, and the laws in place at the time (which are still in place). They called themselves Project Threadbare.

This is the story of those who were arrested and those who tried to set free. Ultimately, it is the story of the Canada we now live in.

Tickets cost $15
Please support this important film.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007
7:00pm – 9:00pm
The Royal Cinema
608 College Street West
Toronto, ON

To view trailer go to


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