Algonquin Protest for July 28


Ardoch Algonquin First Nation and Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation will be conducting a protest and information toll on Highway 7 in Perth on July 28th from 3pm-6pm to bring attention to the issue of uranium exploration and mining in North Frontenac County.

This will be the third action by the Algonquin alliance to bring attention to the fact that mining claims were registered and issued to Frontenac Ventures Corporation for land where Algonquin title and jurisdiction remain and where required consultation never took place.

Consultation must take place between the Crown and the two affected First Nation communities prior to any mining or land use permits being issued. More actions are planned along Highway 7 over the next few months until a positive resolution has been achieved.

For more information please contact:
Chief Paula Sherman – 613-329-3706;
Chief Randy Cota – (613) 541-8205;
or our lawyer, Christopher Reid – (416) 466-9928.


The Algonquin First Nations occupying a proposed uranium mine site in eastern Ontario are being sued by the mining company, Frontenac Ventures Corporation, for $77 million dollars in damages, as well as a court order ending our protest and forcing us to vacate our land.

In their Statement of Claim, which was served on our lawyer today, the company makes absurd and outrageous claims that we are “threatening” and “intimidating” them and their employees. In fact, our peaceful protest has been completely non-violent and non-threatening from the beginning, even when the president of FVC threatened to send in armed paramilitaries to attack us.

We are not afraid and we have no plans to end our protest! In fact, news of the company’s legal action has brought more supporters to our protest camp at the mine site. Meanwhile, the provincial government, which has the legal obligation to consult with us, remains conspicuously silent.

Last year Frontenac Ventures Corporation began aggressively exploring for uranium on our land in Frontenac County in eastern Ontario. FVC have now staked hundreds of mineral claims covering more than 5,000 hectares of land and have clear-cut large areas of forest to make way for the next phase of exploration: drilling core samples to determine how much uranium is under the land they have staked. The government of Ontario has allowed all of this to happen without any consultations whatsoever with our communities, in clear violation of Canadian law.

Last week, after we rejected an offer by the company to end our protest in exchange for $10,000 blood money, we again called for the province to begin discussions with us to end the standoff. The province has still not responded.

AAFN members, together with our neighbours, the Shabot Obaadjiwan Algonquin First Nation, have occupied the site of the proposed uranium mine since June 29 and we have informed Frontenac Ventures that no further mineral staking or exploration activity will be allowed within our territory at this time.

Today, Chief Doreen Davis of Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation and Paula Sherman, Co-Chief of the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation again called on the province to begin consultations to resolve the issues which led to the protest. Said Chief Sherman, “we have yet to hear anything from Premier McGuinty or his Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, David Ramsay, and so far none of their officials have even had the courtesy to return our calls, emails or letters, They do not appear to have any interest in resolving this mess or meeting their legal obligation to consult with us.”



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