Daily Kos: Iraq Vets Billed for “Debt of Service”

This incredible story comes from the Daily Kos:

Fri Jul 27, 2007 at 04:24:07 AM PDT

This is morally wrong. It’s a blatant injustice towards every man and woman who’s ever donned a military uniform in service to their country. It’s disgraceful, and I’m outraged!

Apparently, wartime sacrifices of putting one’s life on the line in service to their country – taking precious time away from family and career – is not enough to satisfy the sordid souls in the Pentagon. Our brave men and women returning home from Iraq are, for undisclosed reasons, faced with paying a new price, a “debt of service.”

One soldier in particular from New York is currently battling with the institution in which he once faithfully served. The Pentagon has decided to reward returning Iraqi vets by slapping them an invoice for equipment damaged during war operations.

From BSTV.com:

Read rest of this story on the Daily Kos website.


4 Responses to Daily Kos: Iraq Vets Billed for “Debt of Service”

  1. str8shooter says:

    Nothing new here, and anybody who’s served in uniform knows it (which obviously isn’t the case of the nit-wit over at Kos who wrote that truly sad excuse of an article). I had some equipment stolen while on deployment back in the 80’s, for which I was held financially responsible. After returning to my base, and finding my gear in another troops posession, and recovering it, they demanded that I turn it in and then refused to reimburse me even though I had already paid for it! SSDD (Same S***, Different Day).


  2. verbena19 says:

    Str8shooter: I really did not know that, so to me it was news. Yes, I guess to you it was SSDD. I don’t think it’s right though, just as you should have been reimbursed…. Doubt if I could ever have been a soldier… too much bs plus all the violence, killing, etc… And I have my doubts if the ‘top brass’ really give a damn about the troops that do all the hard work. (Just my thoughts on this…)


  3. str8shooter says:

    I never had any doubt that you weren’t a Soldier V, but as a wise man once said, “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

    Sleep well V, as men like myself stand ready to do WHATEVER is necessary, including laying down our own lives, so that you may exercise the freedom to tell the world how mean, cruel, and hateful we are, and how contemptable our very lives have become.


  4. verbena19 says:

    I honestly feel that you mean well…


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