METIS MEDIA FEST – No Submission Fees – Deadline AUG. 15 2007

A Call to Aboriginal Media Artists: METIS MEDIA FEST 2007 No Submission Fees –
Deadline AUG15, 2007

This is a call for all forms of media work – including digital photographs, videos, radio plays, web sites in a variety of styles from documentary to experimental in common digital formats such as JPEGs, MP3s, AVIs, MOVs, DVDs and Audio CDs.


What Does it Mean to be Métis?

The Metis Media Festival seeks to answer the question, “What does it mean to be
Métis?” through the use of live presentations, films, videoconferences and streaming media, including works from Google Video and YouTube.

The festival embraces a wide range of expressions, in a variety of languages such as Michif, English, Cree, Ojibway, French, Spanish, including discussions of why people of mixed ancestry (European/Aboriginal) may NOT identify themselves as Métis.

Mixed Blood (European and Aboriginal) Artists from Around the World

The call for submissions is open to all Mixed Blood artists from around the world. This includes artists from, for example, South America, Australia or the Philippines, who are descendants of the marriage of European and Indigenous peoples. (Often referred to as “Cross-breed,” “Half-breed,” “Mestee,” “Mestiza,” “Mestizo,” or “Metisse.”)

Métis Media Fest 2007

The Métis Media Festival is forum for the dissemination of Metis culture through the exhibition of video, audio and electronic images. The 4-8 PM multimedia event
planned for August 30, 2007 will be presented at the SAW Media Centre of Ottawa at 2 Daly Street (corner of Daly and Nicholas). The exhibition of work will take place from within an immersive installation of computers and video projectors.


CONTACT:Graham Thompson


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