American Axis: Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, and the Rise of the Third Reich

This is a BuzzFlash review of an eye-opening book about America’s much-revered icons.  Those of us who read extensively knew about this infamous, traitorous group, but sadly, the general American public does not…  I wonder if old Preston Bush is mentioned too…. (I guess I’ll have to read the review below to find out, or purchase the book ):



The Debunking of the American Icons: Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh, Admirers of Nazi Germany


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The American Axis: Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, and the Rise of the Third Reich (Hardcover)

Max Wallace’s Review (excerpt)

Special value BuzzFlash purchase of the now out of print hardcover edition of “The Axis” at below retail cost — and the BuzzFlash price includes the shipping. This is the second time that we have been able to get our hands on a limited number of discounted copies of this eye-opening book about two American “icons.”

Ford, Lindbergh, and the Rise to Power of Adolf Hitler. Just the facts sir, and that’s what you get in this account of how of America’s two foremost role models of the 20th century helped the rise to power of the Nazis.

Ford was a virulent anti-Semite, and Lindbergh admired the values of the “Christian Nation” of Germany. But there’s more, much more in this revealing book that reveals so much.

Kirkus Reviews:

Whisper an antiwar sentiment today, and you’re branded a traitor. Hinder the Allied war effort and champion the Nazi cause, as did a captain of industry and a pioneer of aviation, and you’ll be remembered as a hero.

So Wallace, a researcher for Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Project, demonstrates in this eye-opening if sometimes circumstantial account of automaker Henry Ford’s and pilot Charles Lindbergh’s multifaceted dealings with the Hitler regime. Ford was singularly instrumental, Wallace charges, with Hitler’s rise; not only did Hitler and other Nazis credit their conversion to anti-Semitism in part to Ford’s scurrilous The International Jew, but Ford also funded the early Nazi party unstintingly and, knowingly or not, gave Nazi operatives access to manufacturing specifications and other documents at least until America entered the war.

Hitler himself said, “I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration,” not least for providing a model of mass production for the Nazi killing machine. Direct evidence of Ford’s financial role in bringing Hitler to power is scanty, Wallace writes, “a significant amount of the [Ford Motor] company’s early days-particularly material pertaining to Ford’s anti-Semitism” having been carefully discarded. Lindbergh, famed for his transatlantic solo flight, brought pseudoscientific theories of eugenics to his own admiration for the Nazi regime, and the Nazis reciprocated by depicting the blond, blue-eyed Lindbergh as the exemplar of Aryan manhood.

Strangely, by Wallace’s account, both men seemed mystified when the Roosevelt administration did not court their services at the outbreak of WWII, on which occasion Ford remarked, “The whole thing has just been made up by Jewbankers.” Though Lindbergh served as a consultant to Ford in the development of the B-24 bomber, he was unable to gain a military commission-and for good reason, inasmuch as even in 1945 he was publicly lamenting the destruction of Germany, a civilization that “was basically our own, stemming from the same Christian beliefs.”

A finely wrought, careful, and utterly damning case that ought to prompt a widespread reevaluation of both Ford and Lindbergh.

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Other Reviews

“This book is a very damning look at Ford and Lindbergh, which reveals them both as highly flawed icons who did considerable damage to their country through their flirtation with fascism,. The author, who comes off as quite objective, is careful to emphasize that neither man was a Nazi or a traitor, but because of their status as heroes, they influenced a lot of others into Hitler’s camp.

The great American historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. praises this book on the back cover, so I am reasonably sure that it stands up to academic scrutiny.”

— An Online Reviewer

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