Shine the spotlight on Exxon!

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While we pay high gas prices at the pump, ExxonMobil just announced yet another quarter of staggering profits of $10.26 billion.

Will you help us seize this opportunity to spread the word that ExxonMobil is still using its massive profits to fund global warming denial groups?

Click here to write a letter to the editor of your local paper in time for ExxonMobil’s July 26th quarterly profits announcement.

In response to our efforts, ExxonMobil cut nearly 40% of its annual budget to global warming denier groups last year. Exxon has told reporters that it’s no longer funding these groups when in reality 60% of their funding is still in place!

Widespread publicity has pushed ExxonMobil to say that it is currently evaluating its continued funding of global warming denier groups. Sending a letter to the editor today could make a big difference. More publicity on this underhanded tactic to block action on global warming will help Exxon make its decision!

That’s why we need YOUR help to shine a spotlight on ExxonMobil’s continued funding of global warming denier groups. Make a big difference today by sending a letter to the editor now.

ExxonMobil is the only oil giant directly funding groups who mislead the public and policy makers about the threat of global warming. The groups are now suffering a financial set-back, and that’s good news for those of us who care about global warming and renewable energy!

It’s been two years since the launch of the Exxpose Exxon campaign and thanks to you we have accomplished a great deal. Click here to see a list of all our actions and achievements so far which have helped educate Congress, influence the press and ultimately push ExxonMobil to rethink its policies.
Shawnee Hoover
Campaign Director, Exxpose Exxon

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3 Responses to Shine the spotlight on Exxon!

  1. str8shooter says:

    OOH, those evil oil companies and their even more evil profits, OOOOOHHHH! Here’s a FACT that so many of you are either completely unaware of, or simply choose to ignore, is the FACT of the outrageous taxes that the various governments around the world forcibly extract from them in taxes for doing………what?

    The Tax Foundation found that between 1977 and 2004, State and Federal governments extracted over $397 BILLION in taxes from the biggest oil producers and an additional $1.1 TRILLION dollars from you and I in ‘at the pump’ taxes, which equates to over $2.2 TRILLION in todays dollars, and they stole that money for WHAT? They didn’t go out and find the oil, they didn’t drill for the oil, they didn’t ship the oil to the refineries, they didn’t refine the oil, they didn’t ship the refined product to the stations for you and I, they didn’t build or operate the stations that sell the products to us either, no, they didn’t do anything but steal money from the people who earned it, and the people who bought it! Here in the US, the various States, in 2006 alone, collected over $35.7 BILLION in State sales tax on gasoline for doing…….what?

    If you really want to be pissed off at somebody about high fuel prices, or profits, tell it to your governmental officials, THEY are the ones that are making the REALLY obscene profits, and for something they had nothing to do with. According to the EIA, for 2005, of the total average ‘at the pump’ price for a gallon of gasoline, 53% is the actual cost of the crude oil, 19% is refining costs and those evil profits, 19% is State and Federal taxes, and 9% is distribution and marketing. Based on an average $3.00 (US) per gallon, the evil profit that the oil company is making is about $0.10 per gallon while the State and Federal governments are making $0.57 per gallon, now according to my math, the governmets are making 5.7 times as much as those “evil oil companies” for doing…..what? And you’re mad at the people who actually do something that produces a product that each and every one of us uses every day, but you’re NOT mad at the governments who are TAKING almost 6 times as much and not doing anything to earn it? HELL, the next thing you know, you’ll be pissed off at the farmers who grow the food you eat just because they actually made some money for their efforts!!!

    GET REAL!!!


  2. verbena19 says:

    S: Thanks for your good input as to why our gas prices are so high. I hope more people read it, so that they’ll know too, and get on their government officials’ cases about it. Like you’ve said, it’s always better to know ALL the facts.


  3. str8shooter says:

    My pleasure V, glad to be of assistance.


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