ICH: Are you brave enough to watch? Salee Story

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Are you brave enough to watch?

Salee Story

2 Minute Video

The failure of the media to tell stories such as Salee’s has deprived the American people of the ability make informed judgments about US foreign policy. Click to view


The Liberator

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

An agreement was struck with OPEC to price oil in U.S. dollars exclusively for all worldwide transactions. This gave the dollar a special place among world currencies and in essence “backed” the dollar with oil. In return, the U.S. promised to protect the various oil-rich kingdoms in the Persian Gulf against threat of invasion or domestic coup.


Impeachment as Political Solution to Iraq War

By James Rothenberg

Improperly framing Iraq as a war benefits those responsible for it and obscures the clearest path to a saner future. If instead Iraq was framed as the armed assault that it was (billed as “Shock and Awe”), there is a logical, expedient political solution at our disposal – impeachment.


Who owns you?

George Carlin – 3 Minute Video:

The game is rigged! Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.


Congress Eyes Pay Raise For Itself

By Rob Hotakainen

After raising the minimum wage by 70 cents an hour this week, many members of Congress are ready to give themselves a pay increase of roughly $4,400 per year. That would take their annual salaries to nearly $170,000.


European Hypocrisy

A Palestinian View

By Saifedean Ammous

The tragic aspect of Europe’s policy with regard to Palestine today is not just that is practically indistinguishable from the policy of the US, but that it comes bundled with great self-righteousness and an unshakable belief that it is not only the correct policy, but is also vastly morally superior to anything anyone else is doing. The financial aid provided by Europe is the major rationale supporting this smugness.


Iraq: At least 13 killed in another bloody day of U.S. occupation:

Police retrieved the bodies of six people, shot and tortured, from the Tigris River in the city of Kut, 170 km (100 miles) south of Baghdad


Britain will take troops out of Iraq regardless of US, says PM :

Gordon Brown has paved the way for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq by telling George Bush he would not delay their exit in order to show unity with the United States.


Iraqi president tries to save government :

Iraq’s Kurdish president was fighting Tuesday to save the Shiite-dominated government from possible collapse, wheedling key Sunni Arab politicians to set aside threats to quit the Cabinet and counseling the prime minister to “seriously consider” their demands.


Kurdish leader warns of ‘civil war’ over Kirkuk :

The leader of Iraq’s Kurdish region warned Tuesday of a “real civil war” If the central government does not implement a constitutional clause on the future of Kirkuk, the oil-rich city claimed by the Kurds.


Iraq: Army chief resigns, report :

The Iraqi army chief of staff, Babaker Zebari, has tendered his resignation to the prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, according to a report on Kurdish news portal Bayamunir. Zebari reportedly told the site that he had taken the decision “as a sign of protest at the attitude of the prime minister and his continuing meddling in the work of the head of the armed forces.”


“Violence has destroyed my family” :

Housekeeper and mother of three Anisah Kaseb, 58, says the relentless violence in Iraq has damaged her family psychologically: Her younger son committed suicide and her daughter now requires psychological help.

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In America’s War On Iraq – At Least 655,000 + +

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’sWar On Iraq 3653

The War in Iraq Costs

See the cost in your community

The essence of immorality is the tendency to make an exception of

myself: Jane Addams

Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere:

Martin Luther King, Jr. : 1929-1968

There are particular moments in public affairs when the people,

stimulated by some irregular passion, or some illicit advantage, or

misled by the artful misrepresentations of interested men, may call

for measures which they themselves will afterwards be most ready

to lament and condemn. In these critical moments, how salutary

will be the interference of some temperate and respectable body

of citizens, in order to check the misguided career and to suspend

the blow meditated by the people against themselves, until reason,

justice and truth can regain their authority over the public mind:

James Madison. Federalist No. 63.


The fetters imposed on liberty at home have ever been forged

out of the weapons provided for defense against real, pretended,

or imaginary dangers from abroad: James Madison

Don’t be taken in when they paternally pat you on the shoulder

and say that there’s no inequality worth speaking of and no more

reason to fight because if you believe them they will be completely

in charge in their marble homes and granite banks from which they

rob the people of the world under the pretence of bringing them

culture. Watch out, for as soon as it pleases them they’ll send

you out to protect their gold in wars whose weapons, rapidly

developed by servile scientists, will become more and more

deadly until they can with a flick of the finger tear a million

of you to pieces: Jean-Paul Marat (May 24, 1743 – July 13, 1793),

was a Swiss-born scientist and physician



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