Elections Ontario Referendum Website Launched

Elections Ontario has today officially launched its

Referendum Ontario website.


For related information visit:




October 10 Vote for MMP


6 Responses to Elections Ontario Referendum Website Launched

  1. Steve Withers says:

    Be sure to have a read of the material they posted.

    It’s got some serious problems. Nowhere do they say anything about the list MPPs representing anyone. Alll they say is that they come from party lists…..

    Even the question in the FAQ that explicitly ASKS how list MPPs represent people isn’t answered.

  2. B Stanley says:

    I strongly recommend that just before you people retire for the evening, you should take a moment to chant quietly “socialism and communism are the greatest destroyers of humanity that history has ever seen”. Do this repeatedly until reality becomes more clear.

  3. str8shooter says:

    B, Stanley,


  4. verbena19 says:

    Please remember that the Citizen’s Assembly is comprised of citizens from ALL parties. Voter reform is NOT a ‘socialist-communist’ conspiracy. Furthermore, socialism and communism are NOT synonymous.

  5. str8shooter says:

    Socialism is nothing but Communism Lite, a political philosophy for those who are too gutless to commit to anything 100%.


    look at sweden it seems to do very well for it citizens we seem to do well for immigrants . you have to be born there to get citizenship and it is socialism

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