A Mediterranean Union?

A few items of interest from tomorrow’s International Herald Tribune:

Will North Africa gain from closer ties to Europe?

The idea of a Mediterranean Union has been circulating around Europe for more than a decade, but President Nicholas Sarkozy of France moved it to the forefront again in May.


Truck bomb kills 28, mostly Iraqi children

At least 19 children died in a Shiite area of Tal Afar, a city in northwestern Iraq that was hailed by President George W. Bush in March 2006 as a success story for U.S. forces.


Ancient writings bring new interest to Timbuktu

A surge of interest in ancient books, hidden for centuries in the warren of houses along Timbuktu’s dusty streets and in leather trunks in nomad camps, is raising hopes that Timbuktu may once again claim a place as the intellectual heart of Africa.



2 Responses to A Mediterranean Union?

  1. Kuri says:

    Morocco has wanted into the EU for decades, so I certainly think they’d jump at the chance to increase their trade and deepen their relationship with more European countries. I imagine the Mediterranean Union will be more trade focused and less substantive that the EU was even back when Morocco first applied for entry. I just can’t imagine France welcoming more people with rights to fraternite when there’s already such a stingy attitude towards extending it to the present Arab French residents.


  2. verbena19 says:

    Kuri, well said. I tend to agree with you…


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