DN!: Congress OKs Broad New Powers to Conduct Warrantless Surveillance on America Citizens


* Democrats Capitulate to President Bush As Congress OKs Giving Government Broad New Powers To Conduct Warrantless Surveillance on American Citizens *

Attorneys and writers Glenn Greenwald and Marjorie Cohn join Democracy Now! for the hour to discuss warrantless spying, torture, the Iraq war and the future of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Greenwald is a blogger at

Salon.com and author of “A Tragic Legacy: How a Good vs. Evil Mentality Destroyed the Bush Presidency.” Marjorie Cohn is president of the National Lawyers Guild and author of “Cowboy Republic: Six Ways the Bush Gang Has Defied the Law.”



* Headlines for August 6, 2007 *

– Congress Grants Bush Broad Surveillance Powers

– Red Cross: Treatment of Detainees At CIA Sites “Tantamount to Torture”

– Gov’t Report: 190,000 Guns Missing In Iraq

– House OKs Record $460 Billion Pentagon Budget

– FBI Raids Home of Former Justice Dept Attorney

– California Decertifies Electronic Voting Machines in 39 Counties

– Seven Arrests Made in Killing of Oakland Post Editor

– NYC Backs Down on Photo/Video Rules



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Tuesday, August 7, 2007: TBA

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18 Responses to DN!: Congress OKs Broad New Powers to Conduct Warrantless Surveillance on America Citizens

  1. str8shooter says:

    Democracy Now LIED!!!!

    The Bill passed by the Congress ONLY allows for any intercepting of communications of FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE TARGETS and does NOT in ANY way expand or change ANY of the requirements for intercepting ANY communications inside the US, those still fall under FISA authority.


  2. verbena19 says:

    DN has no reason to lie. And I believe they said that there were editorials in the NYT and WaPost about this too. Were they all lying??


  3. str8shooter says:

    Democracy Now continues to LIE!!!

    The $460 Billion DoD Budget is only a “record” if you don’t bother to inflation adjust for any of the previous budgets. To set the record straight, when inflation adjusted, the War Department budgets during WWII were MUCH higher than the current one: for example-1943, $756 Bn; 1944, $845 Bn. HELL, if you inflation adjust the DoD budget for 2005 at $455.8 Bn to 2006 dollars it brings it up to $471.3 Bn.


  4. str8shooter says:


    The White House Deputy Press Secretary released a scathing rebuttal to the story, written by James Risen, as printed in the NYT today as completely misleading and “unfounded” claims. You can find the report of that rebuke here:


    If you would care to read the text of the Senate version of the Bill (S. 1927), you can find it here;


    I subscribe to GovTrack so that I can keep aprised of ALL of the Bills currently before Congress to assist me in advising my elected representatives of how I expect them to vote on MY behalf.


  5. str8shooter says:

    DN seems to think we give a rip what the Red Cross thinks about how we interrogate TERRORISTS! Here’s a wake up call for them, terrorists aren’t subject to the protections of the Geneva Accords so we can do any damned thing we want to do to them! WATERBOARDING? I went through that as part of my survival training, and it’s not nearly as bad as it’s made out to be, all you have to do is control yourself and not panic. From what they’re saying, almost every troop who’s been through any type of SEER training has been through FAR worse, and we considered it to be nothing but GOOD TRAINING!


  6. verbena19 says:

    Until it has been proven in a court of law beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt that they are ‘terrorists’, they should be protected under the Geneva Conventions. Simply assuming they are guilty is not reason enough.

    I have a major headache, and not in the mood to go into a lengthy ‘debate’ with you now. You have your views, I have mine. They vastly differ.


  7. str8shooter says:

    Why does it need to be proven in a court of law when our troops capture them in an act of TERRORISM? How much ‘proof’ do you need?


  8. str8shooter says:


    Also waiting for your ‘mea culpa’ concerning your claim that the government is intercepting US citizens communications.


  9. verbena19 says:

    I can’t give you my ‘mea culpa’ until I read more about this… so far, all the info I’ve received has been contrary to your opinion.


  10. str8shooter says:

    Did you not read the two links I provided? Even if you don’t want to believe the White House Duputy Press Secretary, I would assume that reading the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT IN QUESTION should have been sufficient.


  11. verbena19 says:

    I have just read the document and press release in the two links you provided. I find the first one somewhat ambiguous. Admittedly, I have not read EVERY word in it… (I’ve just returned from a lengthy meeting, and with the oppressive humidity and all, my headache is back, worse than the other day, so my concentration is not up to par.)

    I admit that I have very little respect for the integrity of Alberto Gonzales, so anything he says — or anything having to do with his authority and judgment — is automatically suspect and questionable to me. Right or wrong, this is my opinion. Yours obviously differs. As for the W.H. Deputy Secretary, I have my doubts about his integrity as well, hence the veracity of any statements made by him. He is merely the administration’s mouth-piece.

    So I will hold off on my ‘mea culpa’ for now…


  12. str8shooter says:

    What does Alberto Gonzales have to do with this? You’re ducking, V! And questioning the integrity of a man you know nothing about is just plain slack. He may be the Deputy Press Secretary, but he’s still bound by all of the rules just like everyone else, and if he gets up there and lies to the Press, he can be brought up on charges just like anyone else.

    Seems that not only do you owe a Mea Culpa about the original charges you leveled, you also owe an apology to Mr. Fratto as well.


  13. verbena19 says:

    All right, I’ll apologise to Mr. Fratto. I’m still holding back my mea culpa until I read more from other sources. (Gawd, my headache is blinding, so please don’t ask too much of me right now.)


  14. str8shooter says:

    V, take your time and get back to me when you can. I’m in no rush, but I don’t understand what “other sources” you need besides the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT that I already posted a link to earlier.


  15. verbena19 says:

    Other sources that can make better sense out of that ambiguous document.


  16. str8shooter says:

    Really? I didn’t have any trouble understanding it in the language it was written in, and found nothing “ambiguous” about it. Oh well, take you time.


  17. verbena19 says:

    Perhaps your cognitive powers are better than mine…


  18. str8shooter says:

    Must be that nasty headache giving you trouble, like I said, take your time and read through it a couple of times (the BOLD TYPE that says “CLARIFICATION OF ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE OF PERSONS OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES”, and “ADDITIONAL PROCEDURE FOR AUTHORIZING CERTAIN ACQUISITIONS CONCERNING PERSONS LOCATED OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES” should have been the dead give-aways, but I know when my sinuses are acting up really bad, it’s hard to remember my own name.


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