GreenNews July 2007: Great Lakes fish polluted


GreenNews: The July 2007 edition from Environmental Defence


Proposed Act Would Protect Lake Simcoe. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty paid a surprise visit to environmental groups and concerned citizens gathered in early July to discuss the threats facing Lake Simcoe, about an hour north of Toronto. The Premier had good news to share. The Ontario government plans to introduce an Act to protect Lake Simcoe.

Environmental Defence has been working with our partners in Campaign Lake Simcoe to ensure Lake Simcoe and south Simcoe County are protected from rampant urban development. The Campaign Lake Simcoe partners applauded the government’s plans to create a new law to protect the lake.

Read the details in the news release: Proposed Lake Simcoe Protection Act Applauded


Fish Advisories Show Pollution on the Rise. Environmental Defence went fishing in early July to release a report showing pollution in the Great Lakes is on the rise.

The report, Up to the Gills, takes a look at fish advisories published by the Ontario government. The conclusion? Many categories of fish are somewhat or completely unfit to eat because of increasing levels of toxic contaminants in the Great Lakes.

The main contaminants that cause fish consumption advisories are mercury, PCBs, pesticides, dioxins and furans. Health effects of these chemicals include damage to the nervous, respiratory and immune system, as well as cancer.

Read the news release: Great Lakes Fish Advisories Show Pollution on the Rise

Download the report: Up to the Gills: Pollution in Great Lakes Fish


Help Ban Harmful Chemical – Bisphenol A. It’s in hard plastic baby bottles and drinking bottles, tin cans and pop cans. And studies show it leaches into food, water and baby formula. It’s called Bisphenol A, a harmful chemical that mimics human hormones.

Environmental Defence is calling for a ban on Bisphenol A in food and beverage containers. We need your help. Sign our online petition.The federal government is reviewing the safety of Bisphenol A in the coming months. Your signature will help us show the government that Canadians are concerned and want action.

Read more about Bisphenol A and its potential health effects.

Sign the online petition to ban Bisphenol A.

Help Environmental Defence with Greening Cities, Protecting  People and Saving Species.


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