Charles E. Anderson: Life in New Orleans’ 9th Ward

Charles E. Anderson | Life in New Orleans’ 9th Ward

In Part Two of his series for Truthout, Charles E. Anderson says the “reality is that resources, not geography, determine a neighborhood’s resurrection, and the elderly are hit particularly hard.”

Pelosi Seeks to Change FISA Bill

Tim Starks, Congressional Quarterly, reports: “Despite the win President Bush scored on legislation expanding the administration’s eavesdropping authority, Democrats appear determined to make it a temporary victory.”

Millions of Women Still Fail to Cast Ballots

Jacqueline Lee, writing for Women’s eNews, reports that “many women’s votes are missing from the count. In the last presidential election, eight million women registered but did not vote; another 36 million potential female voters were not registered at all.”

Pharmacists Fear Medicaid Changes

Rob Hotakainen, McClatchy Newspapers, writes: “For Mark Williams, it’s a simple business proposition: He can’t afford to sell medicine for less than what he paid for it. But he says that’s what Washington expects him to do, come January.”

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