Globalisation: the ties that bind, Nayan Chanda

Globalisation: the ties that bind, Nayan Chanda

War-torn Afghanistan is a world away from South Korea in distance, culture and condition. Yet for almost three weeks millions of Koreans have been glued to their television and computer screens hoping for some good news from Afghanistan, where twenty-three of their compatriots (Christian missionaries and volunteers) were seized by Taliban rebels while travelling from Kabul to Kandahar on 19 July 2007. Two have since been killed by their captors, and thousands of Koreans have held candlelit…


Lebanon divided, Robert G Rabil

Lebanon’s politics remain highly charged as the anniversary of the end of the war of July-August 2006 approaches and the campaign for the presidential election on 25 September 2007 gets underway. The conduct and outcome of the by-elections which took place on 5 August – one of which, in the majority-Christian Metn region, saw the narrow victory of the pro-Syrian Camille Khoury (an ally of opposition leader and presidential candidate Michel Aoun) over the anti-Damascus former president Amin…



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