AIUSA: Urge Congress to Protect Iraqi Refugees

This Action Alert on behalf of Iraqi refugees in the US comes from Amnesty International USA:

This month, as Congress is in recess, activists across the country will be visiting their legislators to urge protection for Iraqi refugees. Just over 100 Iraqis have been resettled to the United States this year, and they represent a tiny percentage of the 7,000 Iraqi refugees whom the United States agreed to consider for protection in the United States this fiscal year, ending in October.

In order to enhance the protection processes that are already in place and to offer assistance to as many vulnerable Iraqis as possible, legislation has been introduced in both houses of Congress. Now is the time to talk to your senators and representatives and tell them that you need them to support the bills. You can find talking points on our website, as well as contact information for your members of congress.

You can also take action online to keep letting legislators know that you are committed to the protection of Iraqi refugees . State Department officials—including Secretary of State Rice—have publicly affirmed their commitment to protecting Iraqi refugees who are still at risk. In fact, the U.S. government agreed to consider up to 25,000 refugees for protection in the United States this year. So far, however, their words have not been followed by actions consistent with these commitments. Iraqis facing persecution need to be identified and processed for protection quickly.

Please take action. Contact your senator and urge him or her to support bills that will facilitate the meaningful protection of persecuted Iraqi people. Thank you for your efforts to protect Iraqi refugees,

Sarnata Reynolds, Director, Refugee Program, AIUSASincerely,

Sarnata Reynolds,
Director, Refugee Program,
Amnesty International USA

Help Protect Iraqi Refugees

An Iraqi girl stands at the entrance of her tent at a camp near Baghdad. © WISAM SAMI/AFP


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