Camp Kirsanow…

Items of interest from

Camp Kirsanow

by Rick Perlstein

An outrage that slipped beneath the radar—a Bush administration “civil rights” official tells Arabs to stop worrying about civil rights.

Remembering Terrorism/Forgetting Terrorism
by Rick Perlstein
In an Oklahoma license plate, an argument that liberals are not Americans.

Candidates’ Secret Santas
by Taylor Lincoln,
They talk big, but will candidates deliver the fundraising transparency we need?

Repair The Constitutional Breach
by David Sirota, OpenLeft
Here’s one way the left and the right can collaborate to end warrantless wiretapping.

Modern-Day Jim Crow
by James Rucker,
You can help the Jena Six combat the racist actions that could put them behind bars.

Withdrawal Follies
by Tom Engelhardt,
Be careful: Then they favor “withdrawing” from Iraq, they may not be mean what you think.


New In News Worthy
Overlooked but important headlines of the morning.

Citing Costs, Hospitals Are Shutting Down Burn Centers

States Feel Bush Administration Is Leaving Them Out Of Disaster Planning

Iran Pursuing More Open Nuclear Inspection Policy

U.N.: Global Warming To Hit Poor Hardest

Chinese Officials Threaten Dollar-Crashing Sell-Off Of U.S. Money

Gay Support Has Little Net Impact On Candidates, Poll Shows





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