Wiretap Bill Roils Liberal Base


Elana Schor reports for The Hill, “Amid liberal anger over the Democrats’ eleventh-hour accession to the White House on expanded eavesdropping authority, civil liberties groups are pressing the majority to rectify the situation soon or face a political backlash.”

Shelters Take Many Vets of Iraq, Afghan Wars


Anna Badkhen reports for The Boston Globe: “As more troops return from deployments, social workers and advocates expect the number of the homeless to increase, flooding the nation’s veterans’ shelters, which are already overwhelmed by homeless veterans from other wars.”

US Border Patrol Agent Charged With Murdering Mexican Man


Reuters reports, “A US Border Patrol agent must stand trial for murder in the shooting of a Mexican man trying to enter the United States, an Arizona judge ruled Monday in a case that drew criticism from Mexico.” And the Associated Press reports, “Amnesty International on Tuesday criticized Mexico’s human rights policy as ‘schizophrenic,’ saying the country vigorously promotes rights abroad but fails to uphold them within its own borders.”

CIA Report on 9/11 Due Labor Day


Helen Fessenden reports for The Hill, “The CIA has been ordered to release by Labor Day a declassified summary of an internal report on the agency’s performance prior to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, possibly shedding light on whether senior officials made fundamental lapses in judgment.”

William Fisher | Partisan Loyalties Hamper Reform of Immigration Asylum System


William Fisher writes for Truthout: “More fuel may soon get thrown on the fire over the credibility and competence of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. The reason is the recent disclosures that Justice Department-appointed judges are frequently chosen on the basis of party political affiliation, have little or no experience in immigration law, and lack nationally uniform rules for decision making.”

Spy Chief’s Role in Espionage Bill Questioned


Greg Miller reports for The Los Angeles Times, “The director of national intelligence is supposed to be nonpolitical, but some lawmakers think the White House used McConnell for partisan purposes.”

At US Base in Germany, Soaring Building Costs Probed


Mariah Blake reports for The Christian Science Monitor, “Nearly two years after it was supposed to be completed, the Pentagon’s largest single-site construction project is languishing unfinished, due to shoddy workmanship, poor planning, flawed design, spiraling costs, and an ongoing fraud investigation.”

Robert Scheer | The Terror America Wrought


Robert Scheer writes for Truthdig, “During a week of mayhem in Iraq, in which terrorists have rightly been condemned for targeting schoolchildren, it is sobering to recall that this week is also the 62nd anniversary of a US attack that deliberately took the lives of thousands of children on their way to school in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”


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