Toxic Nation Enews – The August 2007 Issue from Environmental Defence

These are a few of the latest news items from Toxic Nation E-News: The August 2007 issue from Environmental Defence and should be of interest to Canadians…

The evidence supporting our call for a ban on Bisphenol A (BPA), a prevalent hormone disruptor, is growing by the day. A new report has been released from eminent BPA researcher Frederick vom Saal and other experts. The report was recently published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology.

The report is a summary of the conclusions drawn by a group of experts that met to discuss BPA. The meeting was created to address some of the concerns surrounding this substance. Most notably, the meeting discussed the evidence suggesting that BPA can have adverse health effects at low doses. These low doses are at levels that humans have been found to be exposed to. BPA can be found in some hard clear plastic bottles, and in the linings of some tin cans.

There were a number of conclusions drawn from the research discussed. The experts believe that the common human exposure to BPA is within “the range that is predicted to be biologically active in over 95% of people sampled.” Other concerns raised focused on the fact that effects of BPA are not seen immediately, but rather much later in life if that exposure occurs during development.

The experts at this meeting believe that the studies discussed show that the traditional theory of toxicology – that the dose makes the poison – may not be accurate for BPA. This means that the studies on animals using high levels of BPA to show the chemical is safe for humans may not in fact be representative of what actually occurs.

The US department of Health and Human services will be releasing a report on the reproductive and developmental toxicity of BPA sometime next week. To keep up-to-date on news about Bisphenol A and our efforts to ban it, check out the Toxic Nation blog.

Environmental Defence is calling for a Ban on BPA in food and beverage containers. Sign our online petition.

Want to know more?

Read our BPA Fact Sheet


Seth Wotten: An Epic Canoe Trip for Cleaner Water

Seth Wotten, a recent graduate in Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism from Lakehead University in 2005, Ontario, has started an undeniably ambitious journey. His plan is to travel across Canada by canoe. He is on the second year of a project spanning three years. His route takes him from southeast, starting at Montreal, to northwest, ending in Tuktoyaktuk. While paddling across Canada, Seth is highlighting Toxic Nation.

Seth embarked on this epic journey to raise awareness of the importance of our Canadian waters. While the trip will take three years, don’t worry, he isn’t canoeing in the winter. There are three legs of the journey, each done in a summer. In total, when he completes the route at the end of the summer in 2008, he will have travelled 8,000 km, and done hundreds of portages.

The trip has historical significance as well as environmental significance. He started because he believes water is “important to our people for our survival and health, and as a means of transport, and as a setting and vehicle for recreation.” The trip is historical as it follows traditional routes used by native peoples, explorers, and traders.

While he understandably doesn’t get near a computer often, he keeps his website surprisingly up-to-date. You can read more about his travels, and see pictures from each month of the trip on his website. You can also drop him a line of encouragement on his guestbook. Perhaps he will be paddling by your community this summer. Best of luck Seth. Keep up the good work!

Want to know more?

Check out Seth’s website at



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