Canadian Bar Association Urges Harper to Act on Khadr

Finally! Mind you, it took the US bar association — and Omar Khadr’s American military counsel — to shame its Canadian counterpart into doing something about the inexorably long Gitmo imprisonment of this erstwhile Canadian ‘child soldier’:

Canada’s bar association wants Prime Minister to negotiate with U.S. on bringing detained terror suspect home

CALGARY–Canada’s largest legal organization is demanding Prime Minister Stephen Harper begin negotiating with the United States government to have 20-year-old Canadian terror suspect Omar Khadr freed from a military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and returned to face justice at home.

It is not enough, the Canadian Bar Association says, for the federal government to accept the Bush administration’s assurances that due process is being followed at the U.S. naval base, described by Khadr’s own military lawyer as a “modern-day Devil’s Island.”

[…] Read this Toronto Star article here.


7 Responses to Canadian Bar Association Urges Harper to Act on Khadr

  1. str8shooter says:

    Well, if y’all are going to stand the sorry SOB up against a wall and SHOOT HIM, then y’all can have him back, otherwise his sorry ass can ROT at Gitmo!


  2. lawiscool says:

    It’s attitudes like those demonstrated by str8shooter that should give Canadians pause.

    Due process is clearly being subverted, and the actions are tolerated by the American public due to intense hatred and xenophobia. Canadian citizenship should provide some guarantee of justice, regardless of the crime.

    We talk about these issues as well:


  3. str8shooter says:

    Well ‘lawiscool’,

    Perhaps you would be kind enough to enlighten all of us to exactly what aspects of “due process” apply to unlawful enemy combatants, especially when they are captured on the battlefield, engaging in combat operations, without bothering to render even a passing courtesy to the Law of War and the Geneva Accords? HMMMMM? As a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces, I am intimately familiar with the Geneva Accords as they apply to the rules of warfare, the treatment of prisoners of war, and all the rest of it, and this little POS, under those rules, is lucky he wasn’t shot in the head where he was found because he’s NOT ELIGABLE FOR ANY OF THOSE PROTECTIONS!

    Canadian citizenship should also provids some common sense, but apparantly that’s sorely lacking.


  4. lawiscool says:

    Read the site, there is plenty of information there.

    Our legal establishment, represented by the CBA, has clearly outlined the failures that have occurred on this case.

    And it’s the racism and hatred manifested by armed forces such as yourself that are really troubling to most of the civilian populations of the world.


  5. str8shooter says:


    The WWW is repleat with leftist, pacifist drivel, the last thing I need to do is read even more of that cheese-eating surrender monkey garbabe that has absolutely NO basis in anything that resembles reality.

    As far as your CBA and their terrorist apologistic nonsense, we’ll see exactly how much standing they have when (if) the case is heard.

    As to your last comment, firstly, there’s no ‘racism’ anywhere in this, it’s a clear cut case of an unlawful combatant who was captured on the battlefield, PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION. Secondly, there’s no ‘hatred’ either, simply Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines doing their job so that you can sit back in comfort and oblivious abject STUPIDITY. Perhaps if you had anything that resembles intestinal fortitude you’d have joined our ranks, but that’s OK, not everybody has what it takes to hold something more important than 2-fer night at the local pub, HOSER.


  6. dragon82a says:

    As an American Vet, I am at this point pretty ashamed of my country…As our “President” drives us along his chosen course of national nilism…I cant help but feel we are in a sort of twilight zone of “1984” crossed with Hitlers final acts to destroy his Germany.

    1. We are very close to declaring war on Iran —Oil will hit 100 dollars a barrel.

    2. The subprime mortage –is melting the economy where it stands…

    3. We have a president that can declare martial law anytime he gets an excuse..

    4. As for the 15 year old that (now 20) that is held here, all I can say is, if they had something legit on him why havent they formally brought charges on him instead of keeping him locked up for 5 years?

    5. From everything I can see it seems we got a clear case of Bureactratic limbo..
    you have captured a bunch of nobodies and if you admit you havent got anything on them you throw the whole program into question.

    So you keep them locked up and incomunicado so that no one will ever know you screwed up.


  7. str8shooter says:


    As a Veteran myself, I also see problems with the direction our country has taken, but it’s FAR from being anything new, check your history, all of this started back before the turn of the 20th Centrury!

    1) The only way we’re going to declare War on Achmed Pajamabottoms is if he does something REALLY stupid.

    2) The sub-prime mess is a minor temporary hiccup, and nowhere NEAR as bad as the “dot com” bust of the 90’s, and it SURE isn’t anything like the REAL meltdown in the mid 80’s so don’t worry about it too much. The market will be back on track in a couple of months, all this is, is a correction.

    3) Any President can, and always has had the ability to declare Martial Law whenever he got an excuse, it’s all part of Title 10 of the USC (the same one that covers the Military)

    4) The reason they haven’t “charged” him is simple, he’s an UNLAWFUL COMBATANT! I take it you were 82nd? Don’t you remember your Rules of Land Warfare? He has no protections under the Geneva Accords, and since he’s not a US citizen, he’s not due any of our Constitutional Rights. Simply put, he allowed himself to fall into that area of ‘limbo’ where he’s not protected, and frankly, is lucky he wasn’t shot on sight.

    5) Even if you go back and look at WWII when we had legitimate German or Japanese POW’S, they weren’t “charged” with anything, they were simply detained until hostilities were over, and then released back to their home countries. They never had a lawyer, the Red Cross was allowed to see them any time they wanted to, and they were fed, clothed and housed at OUR expense until hostilities were over. In the case of these Unlawful Combatants, of the few that we HAVE released, most have either been recaptured or killed on the battlefield fighting our guys AGAIN, so there’s no incentive for us TO release them, so we feed, house and clothe them in the mean time, and should the time ever come when the GWOT is over, we’ll release them back to their homes, but NOT until.

    There’s no “screw up”, except on the part of those Al Qaeda, and Taliban asshats, and their screw up was in taking part in combat while not part of a military that’s protected by the Geneva Accords. Well, I take that back, there is another screw up, but that’s on the part of people who don’t know the Rules and Laws of Warfare and attempt to impart those Laws and Protections upon those who are not only not deserving of them, but also unworthy, and legally not entitled to them.


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