CSIS and Maher Arar

These two articles in the Toronto Star further illustrate just how despicably CSIS acted in trumping up a case against Canadian citizen Maher Arar and indeed how citizens are left damaged when spies ‘have their way’.

Citizens are left damaged when spies `have their way’

Aug 13, 2007 04:30 AM
Andrew Mitrovica

“I think the U.S. would like to get (Maher) Arar to Jordan where they can have their way with him.”

This extraordinary sentence about the fate of an innocent Canadian was written by Jack Hooper, the second most powerful man at Canada’s spy service, CSIS, just days after the soft-spoken Ottawa software engineer was detained and illegally deported to Syria via Jordan by U.S. authorities in early October 2002.
[…] Read more of this Toronto Star article here.

Arar fiasco, the sequel

When Justice Dennis O’Connor released his massive report into the role Canadian officials played in Maher Arar’s arrest in the United States as an Al Qaeda terror suspect and his removal to Syria to be tortured, the Canadian government blacked out significant sections of the report. Ottawa argued publication would endanger national defence, security or alliances.

That claim has now been shown to be nonsense, at least in part, thanks to O’Connor’s insistence that the public hear more of the story.
[…] Read more of this Toronto Star editorial here.


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