UnWelcome George Bush to Canada Sun. August. 19 NO TO NA PACT

George Bush is coming to Canada . . . Stop the WAR! Stop the SPP!



This August, George Bush, Stephen Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderon will be just 90 minutes from Montreal, in Montebello, Quebec. They are meeting at the Chateau Montebello, as part of the so-called “Security and Prosperity Partnership” (aka the “Three Amigos” Summit). They talk about “security” and “prosperity”, but their agenda really means insecurity and misery for working and oppressed peoples in the Americas. 

To book a seat on the bus, please e-mail your name, phone number and e-mail address to: bushbus2007@gmail.com.

For more information visit

http://www.nowar.ca/ or http://www.acp-cpa.ca/en/SPPEvents.htm

. _________________________

The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War(s) calls on the people of Québec, Canada and Toronto to reaffirm their opposition to the warmongering, anti-environmental and anti-democratic policies of the Security and Prosperity Partnership and join with the Canadian Peace Alliance and Collectif Échec à la Guerre to protest the SPP summit. More details to follow. Meanwhile . . .

June 14, 2007

No to War
No to the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America

On August 21 and 22, at Château Montebello, in the Outaouais region of Québec, the third meeting of the leaders of Canada, the United States and Mexico – Harper, Bush and Calderon – will take place to discuss the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP). The Canadian Peace Alliance and Collectif Échec à la guerre denounce this partnership among the top business and political leaders of all three countries because it will not improve the security and prosperity of the people but will work against their aspirations. We call all peace supporting organizations and individuals to protest war and the SPP this August.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) was signed by Prime Minister Paul Martin and Presidents Vicente Fox and George W. Bush on March 23, 2005. Then came the second summit in Cancun, in March 2006, where Stephen Harper represented Canada. Media reporting of these meetings ignored the crucial issues at the heart of this “partnership”: the accelerated extraction and delivery of Canadian oil and water resources to the US economy; a deepening of economic partnership with the US conditional to a war-driven foreign policy; the pretext of “national security” to justify the secrecy surrounding the precise nature of the discussions and the deals made.

Guaranteeing and increasing the profits of the largest corporations

In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, George W. Bush declared

That year, the only directive given to Paul Celluci, as he became US Ambassador to Canada, was

“[E]ither you are with us, or you are with the terrorists”.

to do whatever he could to bring about a major increase in Canadian military spending. During his term, he repeated relentlessly that, for the US, “security trumps trade”. The message was clear: unless Canada adopted the same “security” agenda as the US, our trade relations would suffer. It is in this context that, in January 2003, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) launched its North-American Security and Prosperity Initiative, in which it takes a stand in favour of the “smart border”, the secure flow of Canadian energy resources to the US, Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD), a major increase in military spending and interoperability of Canadian and US armed forces. In April 2004, in a policy document entitled New Frontiers: Building a 21st Century Canada-United States Partnership in North-America, the CCCE wholeheartedly embraced Bush’s credo: “The way that we and other countries respond to the relentless threat of terrorism and rogue states has vital implications for global economic growth just as it does for Canada’s future (…). In short, for Canada and for the world as a whole, economic security and physical security have become inseparable.” In April 2003 and 2004, the CCCE held its spring meetings in Washington, inviting several US military and political leaders to participate. (truncated. from nowar.ca)

The Mississauga Coalition for Peace and Justice
Website: www.mcpj.org

Open “The Windows of Dissent, in which activists take down the first fences on the streets and in their minds”
-Naomi Klein, GTA Activist


8 Responses to UnWelcome George Bush to Canada Sun. August. 19 NO TO NA PACT

  1. str8shooter says:

    It’s long past time that some of you conspiracy theorists took the time to read some real information about the SPP instead of all of the conjecture and MIS-information that’s been bandied about.




  2. verbena19 says:

    I’m just reading the second site, and this part is particularly worrisome: “If an action is identified, U.S. federal agencies can only operate within U.S. law to address these issues. The Departments of Commerce and Homeland Security coordinate the efforts of the agencies responsible for the various initiatives under the prosperity and security pillars of the SPP. If an agency were to decide a regulatory change is desirable through the cooperative efforts of SPP, that agency is required to conform to all existing U.S. laws and administrative procedures, including an opportunity to comment.”

    I definitely do NOT want the US DHS or any other foreign law enforcement agency working on Canadian soil. If Americans have no problem with their government spying on them, that’s their prerogative, but Canada is a separate, sovereign nation that can do its own policing, and make its own policies regarding our defence and security. We definitely don’t need a bunch of gun-toting US ‘marshalls’ running around, harassing our citizens. We also don’t need to get sucked into Bush/American neocon’s unilateral wars of aggression! We also don’t need the US usurping our natural resources: oil, gas, WATER, which we all know that the US wants and needs to satiate its voracious consumption.

    No thank you, we don’t need any SPP with the US & Mexico. Any partnership with the US would lean strongly in favour of the US, while grossly shortchanging the other two countries, especially the average citizens. Yes, the big companies/multi-nationals would gain, but NOT the average citizen. I have no desire to pay exorbitant prices for water, just so Americans can waste more. NAFTA already screwed us for our oil and gas. We must send so much to the US at such and such a price, regardless of how much we have. So we have to pay high prices to heat our homes just so that Americans can drive their gas-guzzling SUV’s to their hearts content.

    NO THANK YOU!!! If Mexico wants to join into an SPP with the US, fine by me, but NOT Canada! We must NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!!!


  3. verbena19 says:

    In other words, I do NOT trust the motives of the US government and its corporate elite bosses.


  4. str8shooter says:

    OK V, I’ll address these in reverse order, starting with your last post first; JESUS CHRIST ON A CRUTCH! Have you been hitting the BONG? WHAT “corporate elite bosses” are you talking about? Look, here’s a couple of bucks, go down to Starbucks, get a double espresso and WAKE UP!

    Now to your first post, exactly where in ANY of that did you find anything that could POSSIBLY indicate that ANY US LEO was going to be operating on Canadian soil (without the invitation of the Canadian Gov’t)? It’s not going to happen V, you’re simply being PARANOID. Look, in case you missed it, y’all need us one HELL of a lot more than we need you. We’ve been paying top dollar for your ‘stuff’ to help prop up your lame assed economy just so that y’all won’t end up coming across the border and ending up on OUR Welfare rolls. It’s bad enough that we have as many leeches as we do, but we sure as God made little green apples don’t need any more!

    Hell, since you obviously didn’t know it, allow me ONCE AGAIN to present you with some FACTS so that you’ll actually KNOW what you’re talking about. The US is responsible for taking in 81.6% of your exports while your own REAL Government (you know, the one in GREAT BRITAIN) only takes 2.8%! You also get over half of your imports (54.9%) from the US. Simply put, without us propping y’all up, we’d HAVE to take you on as our 51st State just to keep y’all from reverting to a 4th world nation, or worse yet, STARVING TO DEATH!

    Oh, and by the way, the source for the above numbers comes from a CANADIAN SITE so that you can’t say that I’m using those evil Imperial US numbers!

    One other thing, the reason you’re paying such high fuel prices has nothing to do with the US, it’s because of your high TAXES, you know, the ones we talked about before, the ones that pay for all of your SOCIALIST PROGRAMS! Remember? We’re paying about 27% in taxes on fuel, YOU’RE paying over 40%, so don’t EVEN try to blame us because you HOSERS wanted everything for “free”, but weren’t smart enough to remember that there is NO SUCH THING AS FREE!


  5. str8shooter says:


    You really need to quit assuming “facts” not in evidence V, you’re a lot smarter than that, and we BOTH know it.


  6. verbena19 says:

    S: First of all, thanks for your last comment in the P.S.

    But if the SPP is such a GOOD thing, why are so many Americans against it too? And not just ‘liberals’ but many conservatives, libertarians, and such….

    Gotta run, taking my kid bro to the SkyDome (now the Rogers Centre, ugh!) to see a Blue Jays game. We’re going to my Mom’s to eat before the game. He’s all excited. So I won’t be on here tonight, and likely not till late tomorrow evening. Have meetings much of tomorrow.

    Till then, keep up the good work of picking apart my posts and let me know what important news I have missed! 😉


  7. str8shooter says:

    No problem V., glad to be of service. As for the SPP, simply put, most people are “against” it because they only know what the notorious ‘somebody’ said, and have never bothered to actually research it for THEMSELVES. I remember a very wise man telling me something when I was very young (4th Grade I think) that admonished me to “believe NOTHING you hear, very little you read, and only some of what you see UNTIL you have confirmed it for yourself”. Since then, I have tried to abide by that admonishment, and doing so has served me well, which is why I very rarely am dissapointed by being informed that my espoused position has been proven to be erroneous.

    Hope you enjoy the family time and the game, and be safe.


  8. MarthaHope says:

    well shooter,
    if those numbers are right that you posted then wouldn’t that mean the US is depended on our 81.6% exports? i mean, that IS a lot the US needs from us…numbers don’t lie right?
    so this whole “propping you up” doesn’t really make sense.


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