OCAP: Phone & Fax for a home for Sonny


Toronto Community Housing Corp(TCHC) is making the twilight years of Sonny, a living hell.

Cyrille Mercier(Sonny) is 70 year old man confined to a wheel chair and a 33 year resident of TCHC. Over a month ago now, there was a suspicious fire in his apartment while he was away from it, and as a result he was left homeless, living in the lobby of his apartment building at 220 Oak St for several weeks as TCHC failed to provide him with an adequate alternative to live in, instead holding him responsible for the fire.

(This man does have a lot of stuff, which TCHC calls a ‘fire hazard’).

The fire marshals’ office has since confirmed that he was not responsible for the fire, yet Sonny remains most uncomfortably lodged in a shelter.

Now TCHC is ‘offering’ to give Sonny his fire damaged unit back, to which no repairs have been made. Including a proviso that Sonny clean up his belongings (remember not the cause of the fire) or face eviction.

We urge you to call or email TCHC head Derek Ballantyne and demand that Sonny (Cyrille Mercier)be given decent housing: and transfered to a new apartment.


ph:(416) 981-4220

email: Derek.Ballantyne@torontohousing.ca

For more information on this case please contact

Marque at ocap 416-925-6939

2.REMINDER FREE MEAL:THIS Wednesday August 22 12 noon, Metropolitan Park (corner of Queen St and Church St)

The City of Toronto is dismantling services for poor and homeless people in the downtown core. The most basic needs such as shelter and food are being removed.

Join us for a meal and talk about our struggles against city cuts to food and shelter.

We demand that the City return food and shelter for homeless people now:

– replace over 300 shelter beds closed in the downtown core

– replace more that 341,000 meals that are lost because of

shelter closures

– direct metro police to stop harassing poor and homeless people

For more information please contact OCAP at 416-925-6939

ocap@tao.ca www.ocap.ca


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