The vanishing coalition

George Bush invokes Vietnam as splits emerge with Iraq allies:

President George Bush invoked the spectre of Vietnam for the first time yesterday as 15 more American soldiers died and increasing evidence emerged that the coalition of the willing that invaded Iraq four years ago has begun to fracture irreparably.

As the US death toll moved to 3,722, Iraq’s Prime Minister engaged in an angry war of words with his critics in Washington. Meanwhile, a senior US general issued a dark warning that American troops may have to be sent to the south of the country to fill the vacuum left by a projected British withdrawal.

Amid the chaos, an isolated Mr Bush vowed he would “fight to win”, that the so-called troop “surge” was working and that the lesson from Vietnam was that withdrawal had cost millions of lives.

Speaking to US Army veterans in Kansas, Mr Bush sought to soothe relations with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, who had earlier threatened to “find friends elsewhere”, after US officials suggested he be pushed aside.


Read more of this Independent UK article here.


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