Speakers available to inform Ontarians about MMP!


On October 10, 2007, the people of Ontario will vote in a referendum on a new way of voting for Ontario.

The Ontario Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform, an independent body of 103 citizens, chosen at random by Elections Ontario, one from each riding, half men and half women, aged from 19 to 79, spent eight months at the request of the government learning about voting systems around the world, consulting with the people of Ontario, and developing a new voting system for Ontario.

They have recommended that Ontario adopt a Mixed Member Proportional voting system based on the one used in Germany, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales.

Now it’s up to you!

On October 10, you will be asked to choose between the current First Past the Post system and the Mixed Member Proportional voting system proposed by the Citizens’ Assembly.

How will you vote? Do you know enough to make this big decision?

The Vote for MMP campaign is running a Speakers’ Bureau to help citizens learn about this important issue. We will provide experienced and knowledgeable speakers for groups of any size in any part of the province. Presentations can range from 15 minutes to half-day workshops.

For more information, contact:

Wayne Smith





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