MADRE Speaks September / October 2007

This is MADRE’s September/October update:

The women and families in our Sister Organizations in Peru, Iraq, Sudan, Nicaragua and elsewhere extend their warmest thanks for the work they’ve been able to undertake with your support.

Thanks to your response to our emergency appeal after last month’s earthquake in Peru, our partner organization LUNDU has delivered food, water, medicines, clothing other necessities to families effected by last months earthquake.

LUNDU was also able to provide temporary homes for 1,000 families (6,000 people in all). LUNDU is working with people in their communities to ensure that those hardest hit by the quake have a voice in the upcoming processes of reconstruction.

These initiatives are making a tremendous difference in the lives of women and families in Peru. They are the lastest example of what your commitment to MADRE has made possible.


Vivian Stromberg
Executive Director

Your Lunch is Linked to Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Global Justice
MADRE is glad to announce our Fall Speaking tour, The Food for Life Campaign, addressing the interrelated issues of climate change, hunger, farm policy, and ecological destruction. These are the issues at the heart of this era’s global crisis – and also the center from which sustainable solutions can originate.

Why is an Indigenous Human Rights Declaration Necessary?

Conventional human rights instruments are designed to protect individual rights – and every Indigenous person is entitled to exercise these rights. However, Indigenous Peoples’ conception of themselves, their communities, and their Peoples, as well as their economic activities, land ownership, and governance are traditionally collective and require recognition of collective rights. Without collective rights, Indigenous Peoples cannot enjoy their individual rights, including protection of women’s rights to education, a decent standard of living, a life free of violence, and other basic rights.
Indigenous Women and Sustainable Development
More background on the issue…

MADRE Calls for the Adoption of the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
On September 13, the UN General Assembly will decide whether to adopt the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The Declaration establishes a framework for Indigenous human rights law – including recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ collective rights – that is essential to empowering Indigenous Peoples and defending the full range of their social, economic, and cultural rights.

Indigenous Issues are Everyone’s Issues
MADRE is calling on the UN General Assembly to adopt the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples before the end of its 61st session in September 2007. Add your voice to our call: click the link above to contact your Ambassador to the UN.

Book Club
MADRE Book Club: Minaret
Our third book club selection is Minaret by Leila Aboulela. This lyrical novel tells the story of Najwa, an elite, westernized Sudanese woman whose life changes dramatically when her family falls from grace in Khartoum and is forced into exile in London.

Grace Paley, a long-time supporter of MADRE, a wonderful writer and powerful rabble-rouser recently passed away. A reading of her works will be broadcast on the show “Beyond the Pale” airing on NYC’s WBAI on September 9th, from 9 am – noon. We encourage you to tune in to celebrate the life of an author and activist whom we will all miss.


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