Profit is not the cure: Health care debate

 Write a letter to the editor

The health care debate is raging in Canada. Unfortunately, much of the commentary in the news comes from right-wing think tanks like the Fraser Institute, or Dr. Profit himself – Dr. Brian Day – and other promoters of for-profit health care.

Though their views get a lot of attention in the media, the few doctors, organizations and corporations promoting a greater role of profit in the delivery and funding of health care offer very little evidence that their plans will actually work.

In fact, all the evidence shows that profit is not the cure, whether it’s through the introduction of private insurance or the contracting out of health services to the private sector.

We know this because we have the evidence. You can help us get this evidence into the news. It’s as simple as writing a letter to the editor!

When you see an op-ed or editorial denouncing public health care, trumpeting the virtues of private insurance, or otherwise promoting profit as a way to reduce wait times in Canada, take a few minutes to set the record straight in a letter to the editor.

We have all the evidence you’ll need at, including examples of where wait times have been drastically reduced within the public system, and of countries where private insurance has actually increased wait times in the public system.

The evidence speaks for itself. All we’ve got to do is put that evidence out there. Together we can fight off the attack on public health care!

The Profit Is Not The Cure team at the Council of Canadians

Check our website regularly for updates!

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