Shawn Brant & Benamar Benatta: No One Is Illegal Radio (September 2007)

No One Is Illegal Radio — September 2007

This month’s edition of No One Is Illegal Radio features interviews with Benamar Benatta Canada’s first 9/11 rendition to torture AND, in his first public interview since his release from jail, Shawn Brant of the Tyendinaga Mohawk Community.

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— BENAMAR BENATTA, Canada’s first 9/11 rendition to torture: Benatta, a refugee from Algeria, was detained close to five years without charge in the United States after being illegally removed from Canada. In the US, Benatta was subject to abusive treatment and torture. He is now back in Canada, pursuing his asylum claim, and demanding answers from Canadian authorities.

In this interview, Benatta describes the abusive treatment he suffered while in detention, Canada’s direct role in his rendition, and current efforts for a public review of his case.

For more info about Benamar Bennata’s case, consult:

— SHAWN BRANT, Mohawk organizer and activist from the Tyendinaga Mohawk Community in Eastern Ontario: Shawn was jailed since July 5, 2007, denied bail in relation to his participation in native blockades of rail lines and highways on the territory of the Tyendinaga Mohawks. The blockades were undertaken to raise awareness about the reclamation of a piece of land called the Culbertson Tract adjoining Tyendinaga, living conditions in indigenous communities, and struggles for sovereignty and self-determination.

Shawn was finally granted bail on August 31 and is currently under house arrest in Tyendinaga. In this wide-ranging interview, Shawn addresses many topics, including: an overview of the campaign to reclaim the Culberston Tract, the double-standard of undertaking economic disruption, courage on the frontlines, the forced breakup of the Mohawk confederacy in 1924, and the CN Rail lawsuit against Mohawk activists. Shawn also responds to evidence of Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) wiretapping, the remarks of OPP chief Julian Fantino, the recent claim of sabotage against CN in Montreal, as well as providing a critical view of non-native solidarity.

For more info about support for Shawn Brant and the Tyendinaga Mohawk Community:

–> LISTEN to the September 2007 edition of No One Is Illegal radio at:


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