Toronto: September 26th: Day of Action Against Poverty

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September 26th: A Day of Action Against Poverty

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Wednesday, September 26th, a broad coalition of community organizations, trade unions, health providers, low income people, and students will march to and rally at Queen’s Park under the demands:

* 40% More on Welfare and Disability!

* Raise Minimum Wage Now!

* More Decent and Affordable Housing!

* Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell: Access without fear for Non-Status People!

Groups will have their own actions before marching to the Legislature.

These Marches Include:

*Central Feeder March:

Labour, TDRC, ACORN, Community Agencies

11:30 am

Ramsden Park (Across From Rosedale Subway)

*Raise the Rates March:

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)

11:30 am

Metro Park (Church and Queen)


*Disability Action: Disabled people and allies

11:30 am

MacDonald Block (900 Bay St, S of Wellsley)

*Student and Campus Feeder March

11:30 am

Hart House Circle: University of Toronto


Visit the Website, Download the Flyer:


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A Movement from Below

Words for the Day of Action Against Poverty on September 26

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On Wednesday, September 19, 2007, 75 Toronto residents and activists gathered at Central Neighbourhood House to listen to Toronto Anti-Poverty members speak about why they will be in the streets next week during the city-wide Day of Action Against Poverty.

You can download and listen to their speeches here:

**(Please feel free to re-broadcast…)**


Toronto Anti-Poverty, a non-partisan coalition of community organizations, trade union activists, community health providers and low income people, is building a September Day of Action for Wednesday September 26th. We will challenge all parties of the Provincial Government to immediately increase social assistance rates, immediately increase the minimum wage, build affordable/social housing now, and provide access without fear to government services for non-status people: Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell.

Poor people in this province continue to grow poorer, and now struggle for basic survival. As a provincial election looms, we call on communities across Toronto to participate in a Day of Action on Wednesday, September 26th. Groups can organize their own actions on the day, targeting issues that affect them. Later that day, those smaller groups will join feeder marches to march on Queen’s Park.

We believe there is momentum right now for real change in Ontario, and want to build a broad movement across Toronto, with low-income people, students, trade unionists, community workers, faith groups and others.

We invite you to join us in organizing the next steps to win real action on poverty.

Endorse Now & check the organizations that have endorsed to date. To contact Toronto Anti-Poverty Coalition (TAP), the group organizing this day of action, send an email to


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