Update: Kevin Yourdkhani and his parents

Several months ago I had told my readers that I will let them know about any updates regarding the fate of Kevin Yourdkhani and his family after they were finally returned to Canada. If you will remember, this is the Canadian boy who was detained in Texas at the T. Don Hutto with his Iranian parents last spring for over two months by US DHS/ICE.

The good news is that Kevin’s parents Majid and Masomeh have been granted “approval in principle” for permanent residence in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. According to the family’s immigration lawyer Andrew Brouwer: “They are relieved and absolutely overjoyed!”

A tremendous number of my fellow bloggers assisted with bringing the family’s plight to the mainstream media’s attention. Their urgent appeals and letters to Peter MacKay, MPs, comments/letters to editors in the mainstream media, as well as continuous blog posts, helped return the Yourdkhanis to Toronto, along with the excellent work of Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Brouwer and the diligence and compassion of law student Matthew Pizzo and the Texas University Law Clinic.

Although the mainstream media has failed to mention the bloggers’ contribution, we all know, and I want to once again thank all of you. You have shown what we can accomplish as a community of concerned people. Kudos to you and to all those who helped bring justice to this family!

(Btw, there was a tiny article about it tucked deep inside one of the pages of my paper version, home-delivered Toronto Star early yesterday morning, although I haven’t been able to find it on www.thestar.com.)

**Update: Godammitkitty over at the Hope & Onions blog has alerted me to an article about this happy news in yesterday’s Globe and Mail in her comment below this post. GDK was one of the diligent, hardworking bloggers who helped with this effort, as was Liberal Catnip and many, many others. Check out GDK’s excellent post about this happy update, where she provides background info for those who may be unfamiliar with Kevin’s situation.


2 Responses to Update: Kevin Yourdkhani and his parents

  1. What fantastic news! I am so relieved, AnnaMarie. I set a ‘Google Alert,’ and got this Globe article in my email tonight. I will repeat the happy announcement over at my place 🙂


  2. verbena19 says:

    GDK, thanks for the Globe link. I’ll add it to my above post for those who aren’t familiar with the case. Much appreciate all your hard work on this family’s behalf. Thanks, sis! 😉


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