Greenpeace speaks up about the Ontario election

October 10, 2007: The future of green energy in Ontario is at stake

Ontario goes to the polls on October 10th and the future of green energy in Ontario is at stake.

In August, the McGuinty government released its final long-term electricity plan. It’s not a green plan. It caps the development of renewable energy in favour of a $40 billion nuclear building spree – the biggest nuclear construction boom in the world. Conservative leader John Tory has said he will build more expensive reactors than Dalton McGuinty.

Both John Tory and Dalton McGuinty tell us we don’t have enough potential for renewable energy to power Ontario, clean our air and stop the production of radioactive waste. They’re wrong.

Renewable is doable. With political will, we can build a modern renewable energy system in Ontario.

Here’s how you can help. Please consider renewable energy when you vote on October 10th. Demand a modern, clean energy system from your local candidates.

Don’t let them tell you it can’t be done. Vote for clean energy.

Below are resources that will tell you where the parties stand on renewable energy:

  1. LEARN MORE Politicians tell us we don’t have enough potential for renewable energy to go without nuclear or coal power, but these same politicians have put a moratorium on the development of wind power on the Great Lakes! Watch this interview with wind expert Paul Gipe to learn about the untapped wind potential on the Great Lakes.
  2. WATCH THE LEADERS DEBATE NUCLEAR POWER In the recent televised leaders debate, the leaders were asked for their position on nuclear power. Watch the debate, then read Greenpeace’s energy campaigner Shawn-Patrick Stensil’s blog on the debate.
  3. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR GREEN POWER Are you voting for clean energy on October 10th? Show your colours by posting a virtual lawn sign and asking your friends and family to post one too.
  4. LEARN MORE Read a comparison of the party platforms.
  5. LEARN MORE Nuclear power isn’t just a threat to the environment. It’s a threat to the development of green energy. Read why – Top 10 Reasons Against Nukes.

    On October 10th Ontarians will have the
    opportunity to reform our voting system.

    Greenpeace supports proportional representation. DO you?
    Check out the Vote for MMP site


Vote for Clean Energy



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