Indigenous Journalists Seek Identity

Indigenous peoples around the globe are making themselves heard in international arenas and at the national level. But many challenges remain in the fight for full recognition of all their rights.


Indigenous Journalists Seek Identity

Marty Logan*

ALTA, Norway – Just weeks after giving up her post, the former president of the parliament of Norway’s indigenous Sami people has lambasted Sami journalists for shoving aside their culture in the rush to get a ‘scoop’.


The Rights of Native People Living in Nature Reserves

Marcela Valente

BARILOCHE, Argentina – Far from being uninhabited places where nature holds sway, the vast majority of Latin America’s protected areas are places where people live, so a balance has to be found between conservation goals and the need to reduce poverty.

Nine Roads Through the Virgin Wilderness


MEXICO: Armed Forces Accused in Civilian Courts

Emilio Godoy

MEXICO CITY – The armed forces in Mexico are playing a central role in the security strategy ordered by President Felipe Calderón, but they are also being pilloried because of complaints that soldiers have raped women in two states.


PARAGUAY: Hunger Follows Worst Fires in History

David Vargas

ASUNCION – Food shortages and hunger in the northern Paraguayan provinces of Concepción and San Pedro have followed the worst fires in this country’s history, which destroyed over one million hectares of crops and forestland and left nearly 50,000 people homeless and eight dead.


Conservation Expands in Latin America

Marcela Valente – Tierramerica

BUENOS AIRES – In the past 10 years the size of protected areas in Latin America has nearly doubled and the participation of local communities in their preservation and management has sharply increased, says a regional study.


ECUADOR: Correa Wins Majority in Constituent Assembly

Kintto Lucas

QUITO – The landslide victory for Ecuador’s governing Movimiento Alianza País in the election for a constituent assembly to rewrite the Ecuadorean constitution has cleared the way for the foundations to be laid for a “solidarity economy.”


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