Super model Christie Brinkley at the UN – Emotional for Nuclear Disarmament

Supermodel Christie Brinkley spoke emotionally yesterday at the United Nations on the need to abolish nuclear weapons in order to protect children of the world from the horrors of a nuclear disaster.


Christie was part of a panel hosted by the Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament and the Global Security Institute which included leading women parliamentarians Alexa McDonough (Canada) and Marian Hobbs (New Zealand) and leading disarmament advocate Cora Weiss.


Extra TV filmed the event and aired excerpts during prime time yesterday. A short clip is accessible at Fox News also covered the event. See,2933,301336,00.html


The event coincided with the appointment of five leading women legislators from around the world to lead the Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament (PNND), a non-partisan network of over 500 legislators from 70 countries working to prevent nuclear proliferation and achieve a nuclear-weapons-free world.


McDonough and Hobbs are joined by Mikyung Lee (South Korea), Uta Zapf (Germany) and Senator Abacca Anjain Madisson (Marshall Islands) as PNND co-presidents in order to enhance the efforts of legislators around the world in promoting achieveable measures such as a comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty, an end to the production of fissile materials, further reductions in nuclear stockpiles, the establishment of nuclear-weapon-free zones, prevention of an arms race in outer space, reducing the role of nuclear weapons in security doctrines, and the global abolition of nuclear weapons through a verifialbe treaty or package of treaties.


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