Hot off the Presses: Canadian Perspectives and Are Canadians Getting Fleeced?

Hot off the Presses: Canadian Perspectives, War is Not the Answer, and Are Canadians Getting Fleeced?

At the Council of Canadians, we’re in the midst of final preparations for our 22nd Annual General Meeting, taking place this weekend in Kelowna, BC. But we couldn’t wait till next month’s e-newsletter to tell you about all of the new publications we’ve just put online at

Here’s a look at what’s hot off the presses from the Council of Canadians:

Message delivered in Montebello: Canadian Perspectives, Autumn 2007

The new issue of Canadian Perspectives magazine hits mailboxes this week, featuring:

  • A special 8-page section that connects you to what happened in Montebello, in Ottawa and across Canada in August, as the leaders of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico met – in private – to discuss the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.
  • Coverage of the Council of Canadians’ actions against Dr. “Profit” Day and in support of public health care, at the Canadian Medical Association’s meeting in Vancouver this summer.
  • An exclusive interview with Maude Barlow about her new book, Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water.

Are you not already subscribed to Canadian Perspectives? Do you want to receive it in your mailbox? Join the Council of Canadians today, and get a free subscription to the magazine.

Energy revenues: Are Canadians getting fleeced?

In a just-released report, Council of Canadians’ Energy Campaigner Jean-Yves LeFort takes the Canadian and Alberta governments to task for continuing to “rely on the whims of the markets and the big oil companies to dictate energy developments and policy direction.” He argues that “if Albertans are to pay the environmental and public health costs associated with tar sands developments, the province must now start to recuperate more of the economic benefits of its own resources.”

In Ottawa, where the Prime Minster just announced a budget surplus of some $14 billion to be dedicated to the debt, one has to wonder about the long-term prospects of an economy increasingly tied to resource development – where prices are historically volatile – and rapidly less on manufacturing. In a country where social programs such as health care are under great strain and infrastructure is crumbling after years of neglect, is the government planning ahead and making reserves for these and other unexpected expenses?

Visit, to read the full report.

New fact sheets on bulk exports and the right to water

Maude Barlow is in the midst of her multi-city book tour to promote Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water. If you would like to learn more about some of the issues that she highlights in the book, and find out how you can get involved, visit our website to download three new fact sheets.

Join the Council of Canadians today!

Founded in 1985 by a handful of citizens including Farley Mowat, Pierre Berton and Margaret Atwood, the Council of Canadians is Canada’s pre-eminent public watchdog organization. The Council receives no money from government, corporations or any political party. To preserve our complete independence, we ensure that almost all our revenue comes from generous individuals like you. Join the Council today, and help us prove that a better Canada is possible.


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