Concept for Peace in Iraq

This amazing concept to enable peace in Iraq was written as a comment earlier today by Carl Johnson on my ‘contact me’ page here. I like it so much that I decided to put it up as a separate post. Thanks, Carl!

  1. Carl Johnson Says: October 26th, 2007 at 6:05 am For more than a year, I believe I have an excellent concept that seems almost certain to enable peace in Iraq, within months. If that is valid, then NO “civil war” will occur and American troops can leave the country almost immediately.Amazingly, I am about zero-for-430 regarding even getting any response to this concept! As far as I can tell, no leaders seem to even have any interest in trying to actually end the war!My concept is ENTIRELY Iraqi, with NO American participation at all! It is centered on a story that ALL Muslims world-wide learned as small children. At an early age, Muhammad was present when four tribal leaders began arguing over who would have the glory of having carried the Black Stone back to the Kaaba (after having been cleaned). There was obviously no possible resolution, and the men kept getting angrier and angrier at each other, with a tribal civil war clearly about to start. Young Muhammad stepped forward and suggested that they obtain a blanket, to place the Black Stone upon. Then all four would each grab a corner of the blanket and they would ALL have the glory of carrying it! That event built the reputation of Muhammad, as you know.My concept is to OFFER an opportunity to copy Muhammad’s accomplishment. It would involve a meeting room with 32 chairs arranged in a circle. In the center open area would be a large stone sitting on a blanket, to remind everyone of what Muhammad had accomplished and how. 10 chairs for ten Sunni representatives would be in one quadrant of the circle, 10 chairs for Shia in a second quadrant, and 10 chairs for Kurds in a third quadrant. The fourth quadrant would have only two chairs in it, possibly on slight pedestals. No one would sit in those chairs! It would be explained that those chairs are provided IN THE EVENT that Abraham and/or Allah might choose to attend the meetings. By the way, the corners of the (square) blanket on the floor would be right in front of the three groups, suggesting that Allah and/or Abraham would willingly carry the fourth corner.The Iraqi public (who all are familiar with the Black Stone story) would be informed that their leaders were meeting in these circumstances. The people would certainly be excited and optimistic that, with Allah’s direct help, they were certain to resolve their issues. With THAT, what participant would want to be known as “the one” who caused it all to fail?Since all the participants would see the two chairs before them, it seems nearly impossible that any would make any disrespectful or angry statement, while possibly being in the immediate Presence of Allah.

    I believe that these conditions would apply immense pressure on each participate to “behave well” and to “be productive”. They would have NO contact with “the outside world” until they came to some situation where they needed to each check with their highest politcal leaders.

    It would be wonderful if this meeting could occur within the Kaaba, to increase the awareness that Allah might easily be sitting there. Several locations in Medina would also be good.

    I developed this based on a marriage counseling procedure that we have used for more than ten years that is extremely similar to this. A web-page that describes this all in greater detail is at:

    I believe it would even be simple to initiate this process. If Iraqi news media published and aired stories about such a possibility, the leaders would feel some public pressure to provide the ten representatives. Those 30 people would be considered the greatest of heroes, once they have accomplished their mission! And Iraqi life could immediately become safe and peaceful, and the society could begin again to build.

    Carl Johnson

The only problem with Carl Johnson’s concept is that even if peace were accomplished in Iraq among the warring factions, the Americans most likely would not leave. They have numerous mega-bases (50, if I recall correctly) already built there and they surely would not leave the oil for which they came. The very presence of these occupiers on their soil would make the Iraqis fight. The upside would be that Iraqis would unite to fight their common enemy and not each other.


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