U of T events this week

Here are upcoming events for this week:

1)Ravaging of Africa: CD Launch: Thursday, Nov 1st

2)Students for Palestine Action Group Meeting: Oct.30th

3)No One is Illegal Action Group Meeting: Oct.31st

4)Student Organizing Against Climate Change

And for other upcoming events on campus and in the community visit:




OPIRG-Toronto Presents…


The CD Launch of



A four-part radio documentary series about the destructive impact of U.S. imperialism on Africa, featuring voices of African activists interviewed at the 2007 World Social Forum held in Nairobi, Kenya.

(For a complete description of the series see www.opirguoft.org).

Written by Asad Ismi and produced by Kristin Schwartz.

The series has been and will be played on more than 227 radio stations in the U.S., Canada, South Africa and Ireland. Twenty-seven U.S. and Canadian radio stations in 24 cities from coast to coast in both countries have aired or committed to air the documentary (see airplay list, reviews and funders below). The documentary has garnered worldwide praise from African, Canadian and U.S. commentators. The series was funded by six progressive Canadian unions and seven

non-governmental organizations amongst others.

The CD Launch will take place on:

Thursday, November 1, 7 pm

Room 1070, Sidney Smith Hall, University of Toronto

100 St. George St.


*Charles Roach

Renowned civil rights lawyer and a prominent leader of Toronto’s African-Canadian community.

Charles is a funder of the documentary.

*Benedicta Madawo (Zimbabwe)

Radio and print journalist.

*Irene Quarcoo

Radio journalist at Ryerson University Journalism Program.

*Farid Omar (Somalia)

Radio journalist and Research Associate at York University.

*Jasper Ayelazuno (Ghana)

Ph.D. Candidate, York University.

*Roger Langen

Executive Officer, Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF)

OSSTF is a funder of the documentary.

*Kristin Schwartz and Asad Ismi.

The Ravaging of Africa–Airplay (North America) and Reviews

27 U.S. and Canadian radio stations in 24 cities from coast to coast in both countries have aired (h/a) or committed to air (c/a) the documentary. The U.S. stations are all part of the Pacifica network except for KQRP.



“A must-listen documentary, especially for those entities (both in and outside Africa) whose role it is to chart a sustainable course for the continent’s future. It’s also a powerful tool for those individuals and groups that are actively involved in challenging the Western bastardization of the African continent. This well-researched documentary provides credible evidence of how the Western European

nations and the United States have for many years been devastating the African continent through the plundering of its precious resources, as well as by their continuing support for and instigations of military wars. The documentary successfully highlights some of the serious problems that nations in Africa continue to face as they struggle against the United States’ selfish determination to dominate their

turf. This documentary cannot be ignored by anyone who cares about Africa’s economic, social, and political emancipation from the bondage of neo-colonialism.”

–Maria Mboono Nghidinwa, Ex-combatant of South West Africa People’s Organization (SWAPO), the former liberation movement of Namibia. Ph.D., Mass Communication and Media Studies, Howard University, Washington D.C. [SWAPO is presently the ruling political party in Namibia].

The documentary series was funded by:

Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3903

CUPE National

Canadian Union of Postal Workers National

CUPW North Bay Local

Canadian Labour Congress

Public Service Alliance of Canada

Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation

Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

MiningWatch Canada

Ontario Public Interest Research Group (Univ. of Toronto)

CHRY 105.5 fm Toronto

Continuing Education Students Association of Ryerson

50 Years is Enough (Washington, D.C.)

Fair Trade Clothing Co-op

Charles Roach


2) Working Group Meeting: Students for Palestine

When: Tuesday, October 30: 5-7pm

Where: Sidney Smith (100 St. George), Room 2128


For more information, or if you are interested in participating but can’t make the meeting, contact saia@riseup.net


3) Working Group Meeting: No One is Illegal

When: Wednesday, October 31: 4-6pm

Where: OPIRG Office @ 563 Spadina Ave, Room 101


4) Student Organizing Against Climate Change…

Interested in getting involved on campus in issues of Environmental Justice? Climate Change? An important Day of Action is coming up on December 8th and organizing for this has begun on campus to raise awareness.

Mass Outreach Day:

Thursday, Nov. 1st

1 pm

Meeting outside of the Robarts Library

For more information on getting involved through the OPIRG

Environmental Collective

Contact: opirg.toronto@utoronto.ca


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