ADR radio show: Habitat for Humanity: Thurs. Nov. 8th 2007

NOTIFICATION : ADR SHOW ON CHIN RADIO 97.9 FM (Ottawa) (heard over the Internet link to Ottawa Station)

NOTE: The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), 145th. Show, is being broadcast  live Thursday, Nov. 8d, 2007:

 (This ADR series was kindly awarded  the best national radio “features” category 2007 by the Canadian Ethnic Media Association)


(National Capital Region, Canada)


DONNA HICKS, Executive Director, National Capital Region (

(Order tickets for the Gala Thurs. Nov. 16th 2007 Westin Hotel at 613-749-9950)




This ADR Show is heard regularly every Thursday noon, Eastern Standard Time, on Chin Radio 97.9 FM Ottawa  (

Internet live: (link to the Ottawa station 97.9 FM)

Date:  Thursday, Nov. 8ND 2007 (145th. show)

Time:  12 noon– 1 PM – EST

Co-Hosts:  Gary Michaels, Station Manager, CHIN Radio, Ottawa, Canada

And: Ernest G. Tannis, Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre, Ottawa, Canada

CHIN Radio Ottawa is a multicultural radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in over 20 different languages to local and international ethno-cultural groups. 

Programs cover the Ottawa Region, and are simultaneously broadcast live over Internet Radio (CHIN 97.9 FM) with global coverage.

Gary Michaels, as Program Director was responsible for initiating the weekly noon hour series “Cross Cultural Talk”including The ADR Show.

Ernest Tannis is Founder and Principal of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre, Ottawa, and author of the seminal book :

*Alternative Dispute Resolution that Works*  being re-released with updates by Spring, 2008, with a new foreword by Ambassador (Ret’d) John W. McDonald, President of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy, Washington D.C., ( It is being updated describing lessons learned since the original book* (1989), including additional materials on the global idea of UNICRY (as now meaning: (Universal International Conflict Resolution Years)

  (* Captus Press, York University Campus, Canada, 1989 *)

A Welcome Note from the Co-Hosts.

 We are sure many listeners will be very much stimulated, and definitely enlightened by this discussion, and be further inspired, encouraged, and be moved to provide even more types of public education for these underlying themes which affect individual, family, institutional and international affairs in our global human neighbourhood. 

 For those interested in more information on UNICRY, a DVD “Who is my Neighbour?” can be ordered on line from

 Please let us know what you thought about the show and how it might apply to you and your Community. 

We would love to hear from you – wherever you are.

CHIN International Radio (Ottawa)   97.9 FM       (613) 244-0979

100 – 30 Murray St, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 5M4

Email us at

Or  Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre,

150 Isabella St. Suite 1207
Ontario Canada K1S 1V7



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