Toronto: Make Transit Accessible for All: Friday, Dec. 7th





Poor and disabled people are tired of being unable to access transit. Come to City Hall and demand public transportation be made public for all of us. Right now, the TTC is too expensive, inaccessible and discriminatory.

On top of this, the city is threatening to take away transportation money that people on Ontario Disability (ODSP) get when they volunteer. The City has also refused to raise volunteer transportation money to reflect transit fare increases. This means that everyone on welfare and

disability who get transportation money for volunteering will have to cover the $9 a month increase to the Metro pass – money people on assistance simply don’t have.

More information:

Right now the TTC is:

EXPENSIVE: TTC fares have been raised at least three times in the past year. The TTC costs twice what it did ten years ago. Toronto has among the highest transit fares in the world. This impacts everyone.

However, poor people are hit the hardest. Most people on social assistance didn’t get an increase in their transportation allowances with the recent transit increase, making poor people even poorer.

INACCESSIBLE: Only 40% of subway stations are accessible. Of the 69 subway stops, only 27 have elevators. Without elevators, access is denied or made dangerous to people with wheelchair, those who have different kinds of mobility, people with baby strollers, etc. Large sections of the city have no access at all. Even stations labeled ‘accessible’ often aren’t;

elevators and escalators are frequently out of service for weeks, forcing people to go hours out of their way just to get around a flight of stairs.

No streetcars have lifts or ramps. Only 60% of bus routes are accessible.

New buses with lifts or ramps are taken out of service in the harshest winter weather because old buses ‘handle better’. According to a TTC accessibility report from 2006, the buses will be accessible in 2010; the subway stations by 2020 and the streetcars by 2025. We shouldn’t have to wait.

DISCRIMINATORY: Many TTC drivers are openly discriminatory. Transit operators have been known to pass by people of colour waiting for a streetcar or bus; people are referred to as ‘crazy’ or ‘psycho’; and, wheelchair users are often referred to simply as ‘wheelchairs’. TTC operators have refused service to disabled people or only begrudgingly provided available accommodations. All of this shows that we are not thought of or treated as people but as ‘problems’ or ‘threats’.

Now The City is planning to cut the transportation money people on ODSP get for volunteering. The TTC is already too expensive and inaccessible; now, they are working to make it even harder for disabled people to use transit. The loss of this money means that already poor disabled people will be forced to stay home because they can’t afford to go out.

This demonstration is organized by DAMN 2025, a group of disabled people and supporters fighting for justice and dignity. To get involved e-mail or call 416-889-3037


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